Martin Scorsese Being Tricked By His Own Daughter?

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

martin scorsese

Fans of the legendary director Martin Scorsese might be interested to know the cinematic icon has recently been cast in some acting roles. According to Variety, the unexpected career change for the veteran filmmaker—known for many lauded titles, including the recent Killers of the Flower Moon—takes place not on the silver screen but on TikTok. All this thanks to his 24-year-old daughter, Francesca, posting videos featuring her father on the Chinese video app. Moreover, daughter-Scorsese captured these viral clips unbeknownst to the director, who found himself in his daughter’s documentary footage (of sorts) unwittingly, unwillingly, and often in pajamas. 


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Yes, you can now witness Martin Scorsese on TikTok engaging—perhaps the better phrase is struggling—with such modern internet slang as “simp” and “sneaky link.” Scorsese also reportedly participated in a movie ranking bracket, which at least feels more on-brand. 

The storied director’s venture into the strange world of TikTok seems to have secured the hearts of a sizable Gen Z audience.

However, in a recently published Lost Angeles Times interview, Scorsese confirmed he’s nonetheless usually duped into being on camera—particularly when it came to the TikTok video about movie brackets, in which he (controversially!) ranked Birdman over The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. 

Martin Scorsese also confessed that he never expected the videos to go viral, nor that he knows what the term truly means, at least in the context of social media videos. Scorsese also revealed the nitty gritty of his daughter’s stealthy, deceitful process, in which she casually approaches him at home, an unguarded environment for any unsuspecting dad.

In a particularly delightful example of the videos, the filmmaker would seem to be scouting a new muse (sorry, Leonardo DiCaprio). The camera, however, reveals that the family dog is the object of his attention and affection. 

All the deceit aside, it is important to note that Martin Scorsese appreciates his daughter’s creative, humorous bent. Sure, he was initially unaware of the existence of the videos, but the director went so far as to acknowledge Francesca’s knack for content creation. Fans might not be wrong in detecting a hint of familial support, even admiration for his daughter’s capacity for engaging with the digital age’s new forms of expression.

Born in 1999, Francesca is the filmmaker’s youngest daughter. Her mother, Helen Morris, is a book editor and Martin Scorsese’s third wife. Francesca grew up in a family embedded in the art world and film industry; it’s no surprise she gravitated toward the performing arts and, as an adult, pursues acting. Film fans might know she’s made cameo appearances in her father’s films, including The Departed.

In any event, the unexpected yet delightful collaboration between father and daughter reveals the esteemed director’s softer, more playful side. Additionally, it highlights the unexpected ways different generations connect and engage with each other, particularly in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. Yes, Francesca might have tricked Martin into going viral on TikTok—but it’s obvious the father-daughter duo hit upon a new way to share their creativity and bond.