The Most Bizarre Horror Movie Is Getting A Sequel

M3GAN 2 is already in development.

By TeeJay Small | Published


The runaway hit M3GAN is getting a second installment! The horror film, which grossed over $91 million on a shoestring budget of only $12 million, wowed critics and audiences alike with its uncanny creepiness and campy thrills. Producer Jason Blum, of Blumhouse productions, recently sat with Variety to discuss the details of M3GAN 2, stating “After I first saw the movie, we had a good sense that a sequel might really work… I felt so bullish that we started entertaining a sequel earlier than we usually do.”

M3GAN follows Allison Williams’ Gemma, who entrusts the care of her 8-year-old niece to a technologically advanced doll, which utilizes artificial intelligence in order to be a child’s best friend. As expected, things go horribly awry and catastrophe ensues. The film’s trailer went viral on Tik Tok, instilling a much-earned confidence in the studio that the movie would do well at the box office. A M3GAN 2 order was in the works soon thereafter.

M3GAN 2 is set for a 2025 release date, with screenwriter Akela Cooper returning to write the sequel. The second M3GAN film will be another in a long string of collaborations between Akela Cooper and producer James Wan, following screenplay credits for films such as Malignant and the upcoming sequel to 2018’s The Nun. Cooper’s esteemed writing credits include hit television shows such as The 100, American Horror Story, and Marvel’s Luke Cage.

No director has been announced at this time, but given Gerard Johnstone’s eye for the material in the first outing and his ability to balance dark terrifying horror with elements of black comedy, some fans are wondering if he’ll sign on to direct M3GAN 2 as well. While little is known about the story of the upcoming film, James Wan and Jason Blum have expressed that there’s plenty more to do with the killer robot doll, and have tentatively titled the film M3GAN 2.0, leaving our imaginations to run wild with possible titles for an unannounced third installment. Allison Williams and Violet McGraw are set to reprise their roles for the sequel.

The titular killer doll was inspired by a series of famous killer dolls and killer robots throughout pop culture. Think of the design as GLaDOS from the Portal video game series, but in the body of Chucky. M3GAN 2 may have to up the stakes by bringing in a Freddy Krueger element involving the metaverse, as James Wan has expressed interest in exploring human ingenuity going awry when relying too heavily on technology.

Wan has been quite busy in recent years, assembling a catalog of horror films for the ages. Before signing on to produce M3Gan 2, James Wan was best known as the filmmaker behind the original Saw film, before going on to craft horror staples with Insidious and The Conjuring. James Wan has also made a name for himself crafting big Hollywood action pieces in films such as Aquaman and Furious 7, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to release in theaters this December.

For now, we’ll have to wait on the edge of our seats for any new information regarding the upcoming Blumhouse productions film. For more updates on M3GAN 2.0 and all other pop culture news, be sure to follow Giant Freakin Robot.