See Kevin Smith Back Behind The Quick Stop Counter For Clerks 3

By James Brizuela | 12 seconds ago

kevin smith clerks 3

There are a lot of highly-anticipated ventures happening in 2022. From Marvel films and shows to the continuations of other network shows that have brought people massive amounts of joy. One of the biggest surprises about to grace our theater screens is Clerks 3. Kevin Smith has announced on his Instagram that the third film has been completed and fans of his work and the series will get to see the film sometime in 2022. According to his long caption, “We’ll sound mix out here in Burbank for a March delivery to Lionsgate.” That is just a portion of the announcement but it sounds as if Smith is set to turn in his cut of the film to the studio in just a short couple of months.

See Kevin Smith discuss the 2022 release of Clerks 3 below.

Kevin Smith has been busy as of late, what with releasing his version of He-Man, which was widely accepted and also criticized by the He-Man-loving world. Smith is always one to do things his way, regardless of how the world receives it. His entire View-Askew universe is made up of films that could be considered “flops” in theaters but have grown a massive underground fanbase. He is definitely a widely accepted director among his cult following. The above Instagram photo goes deeper into the announcement for Clerks 3 while showing Smith in the long-beloved Quickstop Groceries store in which he grew up working in.

Fans of the Kevin Smith movies, and those who need a refresher, will remember that Clerks 2 saw best friends Dante and Randall using the money from Jay and Silent Bob to buy the Quickstop after it burned down, with one condition. Jay and Silent Bob would loan them the money, only if the loud and quiet pair could hang in front of the store without the hassle of cops being brought to them. Dante and Randall band together and decide to go into business for themselves, so they can essentially be their own bosses. It’s the “American Dream” at its finest. Dante also had a kid on the way with Becky, so now as a father, we will get to see how this journey affects him in Clerks 3.

Clerks 3 is allegedly going to be strongly based on Kevin Smith’s life, as most of his films have been. The Clerks series is meant to mirror his life from a convenience store clerk to where he is now, with some slightly different life choices made. Dante will allegedly go through a heart attack, much like Smith did, and he will now have to reevaluate how he chooses to live his life, especially considering he is a father now. Smith’s films have been heavily emotional as of late, and it sounds as if the final film in the trilogy will bring much of the same aesthetic.

Clerks 3 is set to release sometime in 2022. With Kevin Smith’s announcement on his Instagram, it sounds as if we are going to have the chance to see the final chapter in this trilogy sometime in the summer and if not then we can expect it to come out in early fall.