Clerks Director Kevin Smith Trends For His Views On Masking

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

kevin smith

Clerks director Kevin Smith has begun to trend on Twitter for how he views people masking up against the battle from the Covid-19 virus. Smith was shown on his social media wearing a mask while on his typical Runyon Canyon hike. However, he was also wearing two masks instead of one and commented on a passerby’s opinion in their distaste with someone wearing a mask at all.

No matter your feelings toward people wanting to wear a mask or not, the simple fact is that the CDC recommends that everyone wears a mask if you are going to be within range of someone who could potentially pass on the Covid-19 virus, or to whom you could potentially give the virus. The current guidelines do not necessarily say that anyone outdoors has to wear a mask, as it has been said that the risk of transmission of the virus isn’t as high when outdoors. Yet, Kevin Smith wearing two masks has set the Twitterverse ablaze.

The random passerby claims that “two masks are overkill.” To which Kevin Smith responds with his usual nerd repertoire, “Batman wears a mask.” That is a great comeback, but it begs the question about Batman being able to protect himself from any sort of airborne pathogens at all. He did get poisoned quite easily by Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Maybe he needs to double up like Smith.

At least one fan pointed out the fact that Batman’s mask doesn’t look like Kevin Smith’s. Or, at least maybe that’s what they were saying. They called him “Bateman” instead of Batman, so it’s possible we’ll have to wait until Jason Bateman shows up in the next season of Ozark to see if he’s wearing a mask.

What some people might not realize when considering Kevin Smith’s extra masking u , is that he is an immunocompromised person. Smith is older and is the survivor of a heart attack. It would be safer than sorry for Smith to just wear his masks and go about his usual business. Taking into account that the social media universe would be upset at him for protecting himself is likely nothing that he loses sleep about.

Plenty of people are against mandates of any kind in California, where Kevin Smith resides, but everyone also has their own level of comfort when it comes to how they handle their anxiety about the Covid-19 virus. Smith is ensuring even more protection should he happen to run into a fan that wants a picture or conversation. After all, he is a famous director, actor, and writer.

The person who tweeted the above video is claiming that the rebel pair of Jay and Silent Bob would hate Kevin Smith if they met him, but the truth is, Smith could rewrite the characters any way that he saw fit. Jay and Silent Bob also went straight in Clerks 2 and became a religious version of their former selves. Smith also played himself in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and they all seemed to get along just fine.

At least one Twitter user sided with Kevin Smith. Regarding the Twitter hate over the Clerks director, they pointed out that Smith’s personal mask policy does little to impact others. Thought it’s doubtful that made much impact.

Considering the films he’s released, Kevin Smith probably is not one to care much what others think about the way in which he operates. So it stands to reason that his double-masking is just to completely do away with any sort of anxiety he might have from surviving a massive heart attack to a someone potentially giving him Covid-19.