Keanu Reeves Reveals Which Star Wars Movie Let Him Down, And It Wasn’t Rise Of Skywalker

By Erika Hanson | 7 seconds ago

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Star Wars is more than a franchise, it’s a culture. With over four decades of stories and film, the space phenomenon is easily one of the biggest Hollywood franchises ever. Nine plus movies in, the franchise is surely had its ups and downs, hitting on movies like The Empire Strikes Back while epically failing on others, such as Attack of the Clones. As subjective as the rating of these films may be, we can’t help but take notice of one of Hollywood’s biggest hot shots’, Keanu Reeves, voicing his opinion on which Star Wars movie let him down the most. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t Rise of Skywalker.

As Keanu Reeves gears up for the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections tomorrow, he was recently interviewed by Tom Lamont for The Guardian. Discussing The Matrix trilogy, Lamont divulged to Reeves his own disappointment in both of The Matrix’s two sequels. Unshaken, as he normally is, Reeves replied that he completely understood the experience of what it feels like to be let down by a sequel. Citing his own experience, Reeves went on to name Return of the Jedi as his own big letdown from the Star Wars franchise.

At the ripe age of 19 when the film hit theatres, Keanu Reeves said the following, “I went in, like, ‘Wow, I wonder, are they gonna do this, and will they do that…? And then I was, like, ‘Oh no. Oh no. Um, so I totally get it. I know that experience as a filmgoer. But I just try to let films be, y’know? I try to think about what the creators were going for. It’s their work of art, man. I try to come to their art and meet it wherever it is.”

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While as surprised as we may be that Keanu Reeves didn’t mention one of the films from the newest sequel trilogy, the third installment of the original trilogy did come as a disappointment to many. Overall, Return of the Jedi was a decent film, but many hardcore fans held onto strong feelings on certain aspects. While the introduction of the Ewoks was surely a fan favorite amongst the youngest moviegoers, the larger Star Wars fanbase grotesquely hated them and the way they were so easily able to take down the fleet of Stormtroopers on Endor. Going off of Keanu Reeves’s reasoning, others believed the film was weak at tying up characters’ plots, particularly with the romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia.  

While it’s not unusual to hear negative reviews for Return of the Jedi, the other spectrum holds a large group that not only believe many overexaggerate the downfalls of the film, but also believe it to be one of the best in the Star Wars franchise. Some of the most iconic scenes were found in the third installment of the original trilogy. And people like Keanu Reeves surely can’t deny the iconic and pivotal moment when Luke Skywalker returns to the planet Dagobah to find Yoda on his death bed as he reveals to the young Jedi news of his sister. Similarly, the ending battle that saw Luke and Darth Vadar battle once again–this time in front of the Emperor–gave way to one of the biggest redemption scenes ever. 

Fans of both Star Wars and The Matrix franchises likely understand the tribulations that come with creating sequels and attempting to make them as successful as their firsts. After The Matrix blew up originally in 1999, fans were generally disappointed with both follow-up sequels. Two decades later, Keanu Reeves finds himself returning to the character that started it all, as he surely hopes to land better reviews the fourth time around.