Keanu Reeves Did A Shocking Thing With 70% Of His Matrix Salary

By James Brizuela | 8 seconds ago

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It is no secret that Keanu Reeves is one of the most beloved actors of all time. There are far too many stories that revolve around the actor showcasing his good nature and giving personality. From giving John Wick crew members gifts and helping move heavy equipment, to helping people stranded at an airport, to just being a good guy all around. Now, it has been revealed that Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his salary from the original The Matrix film to cancer research. The stories of his legendary giving nature just seem to go on and on. Please let this man live a long and fruitful life.

Keanu Reeves had allegedly earned a total of $45 million for his portrayal of Neo in The Matrix. He received $10 million upfront and an additional $35 million in incentives after the film was released. Reeves then donated $31.5 million of that to research for leukemia. Reeves’ younger sister Kim had been suffering from the disease since 1991 before she went into remission in 2001. So, Reeves had a personal reason for wanting to help with such a noble cause. That, and he has been one of the most giving people in all of Hollywood. Quietly donating such a massive amount of money just goes to show what type of person Reeves truly is. What is even more impressive is this detail had been held in the dark since 1999. It has only now been revealed recently that he donated this.

It has also been reported that Keanu Reeves helped to set up a non-profit organization that would go on to help cancer research and children’s hospitals. These stories continue to unfold year by year and there is no telling what other generous feats Reeves has committed without the public finding out. It is likely that he didn’t want this detail to come out, being that he always appears to be one of the most modest actors in Hollywood as well, but unfortunately, that is what being in the public eye does. There is likely no one who portrays a more genuine and giving personality more than Reeves.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss recently returned to appear in The Matrix: Resurrections. Hopefully, the film can be a huge success. It currently has earned $105 million worldwide but is set to open in China very soon. No one deserves to win more than Reeves. It is likely he is currently doing something amazing with his earnings from this film as well, or some other amazing deed that the public might not ever find out about. Reeves loved the script for the new Matrix film enough to return since The Matrix Revolutions came out in 2003. No one thought another Matrix film would ever be made, but it appears that Reeves wants to also continue being Neo.

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There are far too many stories surrounding Keanu Reeves and his amazing generosity as a human being. Especially considering he could just be a cold actor without a care for the public at all. That is certainly not the case and hopefully, the man is given everything that he asks for in life, including bringing more imagination to the world through the character of Neo.