Joker 2 Leak Says It’s 50 Times More Violent: Contains Rape, Castration, And Worse

There have been details released about Joker 2, though they have been rumors up to this point. Now, a new leak has stated the sequel will be horribly violent.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Everyone collectively scratched their heads when the announcement was made that Joker 2 would be a musical and Lady Gaga would be portraying a new version of Harley Quinn. However, a new leak has determined that none of that is true. An insider has received the script for the sequel and revealed some horrific details that could occur in the film. Granted, this leak could be a bunch of rumors. However, if any of this is true, then Todd Phillips is undoubtedly aiming to outdo the first film by a large margin.

If you are not wanting to read potential spoilers for the sequel film, then look away immediately. The rest of this piece will contain potential spoilers. Also, these details are quite violent and graphic, so if that bothers you, do not read on. According to the script leak for Joker 2, “The body count is through the roof, and the deaths are extremely gruesome. There are multiple decapitations, torture scenes, a castration (!!!), bombs going off, and a very CLOCKWORK ORANGE style rape scene, with the victim ending up dead.” The script leak does go on to explain that the rape scene that is enacted with the “Singing in the Rain” song, similar to what happens in Clockwork Orange, is the only aspect that is to be considered “musical.” Also, Gaga is meant to be some other deranged mental patient that Arthur Fleck meets when he busts out of the insane asylum.

The full plot leaks are that Fleck escapes the mental asylum that we see him in at the end of Joker. He then goes on a murderous rampage with Lady Gaga’s character. And all the horrible details of their spree explained above, are just part of what happens in Joker 2. People were wondering how Todd Phillips would be able to surpass what he had created in the first film, and all these details are one way to make sure the first film is not replicated in the second film. However, it would seem like an odd route to go for with Joker. The character exists only to be the antithesis of Batman. There is no Batman in this universe, well, not yet at least. We could see Fleck mess with Thomas Wayne and other Gotham socialites, like in the first film. Also, he could theoretically kill Thomas Wayne, creating Batman. That would be a full circle narrative right back to the origin story of the franchise.

Joker 2 has not begun production, and we have only been given certain details. Albeit it that these details have all been rumors up to this point. Everyone is going to have to wait a bit before the plot and story are revealed. We could be receiving leaks as a way to thwart what is going to happen in the sequel. That would be a great way to keep things quiet, for now.

Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips are reuniting for Joker 2, and we reported that Al Pacino was being eyed for a part in the movie. Also, Lady Gaga is rumored to be cast as Harley Quinn, though the above leak has stated otherwise. We are excited to see what Phillips is going to do with this sequel, and it should be quite something considering the first film won an Academy Award.