Exclusive: Al Pacino In Talks For Joker 2

We have received word from our trusted and proven source that Joker 2 is potentially Al Pacino to its ranks, which is an amazing casting choice.

By James Brizuela | Published

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There have been some interesting developments in terms of the Joker 2 sequel. For one, it was a shock to most fans that a sequel would be happening in the first place. It had been spoken about, but Todd Phillips confirmed the sequel happening by showing off the script which has the working title, Joker: Folie à deux. Also, Joaquin Phoenix was announced to return as Arthur Fleck. More details have emerged that state the sequel is going to be a musical with Lady Gaga attached to take on the role of Harley Quinn. This new direction is certainly shocking in many ways. Also, through our trusted and proven source, we have our own big news to report. Al Pacino is in talks for Joker 2.

We do not have any details about the role that Al Pacino would take on in the film, but we could see the celebrated actor be a cop figure of sorts in Joker 2. Another presumed role might be some sort of doctor or psychiatrist that has to deal with Arthur Fleck. That is speculation based on the ending of Joker, which saw Fleck being chased around in a psychiatric ward of some kind. That could have all been in his head, but it is safe to assume that Fleck might be locked up. With the news that Harley Quinn is going to be part of this sequel, Pacino might also take on the role of someone familiar to the Gotham universe. Carmine Falcone could be a possibility for the man. This is all just speculation, but adding another celebrated actor of this caliber will excite plenty of fans, despite the rumors that the new film is a musical.

Joker 2 bringing in Al Pacino adds the notoriety that the first film had. Joker featured Robert De Niro as a talk show host named Murray Franklin who brings in Arthur Fleck to presumably make fun of the strange way in which the man performs his stand-up comedy. Fleck murders Murray live in front of an audience, essentially turning him into the Joker. Now we are more than excited to see how Pacino will be utilized in the sequel. De Niro and Pacino are some of the most legendary actors, and it is fantastic to see that both of them were willing to be involved in the superhero genre, despite Joker sort of standing on its own within that genre.

Joker became a two-time Academy Award-winning film after Joaquin Pheonix took home Best Actor honors for his role as Arthur Fleck. Also, Best Original Score was won by Hildur Guðnadóttir. Robert De Niro thought enough of the script to sign on for the first film, and now Joker 2 is adding Al Pacino. Although we have our reservations about the sequel potentially being a musical, it should still be a fantastic film if Pacino is willing to join. There are no details about the plot of the film, only the previously mentioned working title. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more details about this highly anticipated sequel.