Hugo Weaving Is A Creepy Reclusive Scientist In New Sci-Fi Expired Trailer

By Apeksha Bagchi | 4 months ago

hugo weaving expired

While the glaring absence of Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in The Matrix Resurrections was a major letdown, fans of the actor will soon get to see him in another futuristic thriller. Weaving is all set to play the part of a reclusive scientist in Liongate’s upcoming science-fiction thriller, Expired. And by the looks of the film’s first official trailer, the character will be dipped in all shades of creepy and enveloped in an air of mystery thanks to Weaving’s standardly exceptional performances.

Directed by Ivan Sen and starring Hugo Weaving, Expired is set in a dystopian future, with the trailer dropping some serious Blade Runner vibes with its air-borne vehicles against the backdrop of a city’s high skyscrapers. In this future, human relations have deteriorated to a point where everyone is only concerned about themselves and love is a myth limited to stories of the past. Thus Jack (Ryan Kwanten) also decides to embrace this selfish lifestyle and becomes a hitman, killing people for money with his conscience buried deep under his desperation to survive. But fate soon brings him across April (Jillian Ngyuyen) and Doctor Bergman (Hugo Weaving). Check out the trailer below:

In the trailer we see Jack meeting April, a nightclub singer, and eventually, the two fall in love. But soon, Jack notices that something is wrong with him- his body is deteriorating and the process speeds up depending upon the time he spends with April and the closer he gets to her. In order to know the cause behind this mysterious disease, Jack seeks out Hugo Weaving as Doctor Bergman, a life extension scientist who lives an isolated life. The latter reveals to the hitman that he is the target of some very powerful and dangerous people who deliberately infected him. 

So, if he wants to survive, he will have to stay away from April but for Jack, this is an impossible task as he was experiencing love for the first time in his life. Thus, he decides to go after the very corporation that is hunting him even as Bergman warns him that Jack is deteriorating quickly and doesn’t have much time. Hugo Weaving’s character seems to be hiding secrets of his own and will be on the radar of the corporation that is chasing Jack.

In a chat with Collider back in 2020, Hugo Weaving had talked about his experience of reuniting with Ivan Sen, after having worked with the director in 2013’s Mystery Road. The actor shared that he always found Sen to be “a great filmmaker” and he was really looking forward to working with him again. And that’s the major reason behind Weaving saying yes to Expired, which was originally titled Loveland. As for the script, Weaving was impressed by its storyline depicting a unique love story set in the near future as well as how it highlights loneliness, and “the impossibility of love” in a world that is dependent on machines. 

Expired is scheduled for a theatrical release on March 18, 2022, in select theaters and will be simultaneously on demand.