Exclusive: Harrison Ford Eyed For Blade Runner Series

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

harrison ford blade runner

We were surprised when we first learned that a live-action Blade Runner series is in the works. Our exclusive report came out months ago, and we’ve been waiting for more news. Now that Ridley Scott has publicly confirmed that a live-action series is on the way, the series is heating up. After some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve exclusively learned that Ridley Scott wants Harrison Ford in the live-action Blade Runner series.

This detail is an exciting one for fans. Harrison Ford’s involvement says a lot about how the story is shaping up. It also raises more questions. At this point, we were able to confirm that Ridley Scott wants to get Harrison Ford involved, which for us, says that Ridley Scott has plans for his character. One of the few things Ridley Scott has said publicly about the live-action series so far is that he already has a series template and he wrote the pilot script. This means that Rick Deckard, the character played by Harrison Ford, should already be written into the story.

Currently, Harrison Ford is filming Indiana Jones 5. While the actor is getting older, he isn’t shying away from sequels to his hit movies, action-heavy as they may be. This doesn’t mean he’ll definitely agree to Ridley Scott’s plan. However, it’s a good sign. It’s also a good sign that it is Ridley Scott involved in the Blade Runner series. Knowing the people he’s working with could help convince him to return. On the other hand, a series is a pretty big commitment. We weren’t able to confirm how large of a part Rick Deckard will play in the live-action series. That may have an impact on the actor’s decision. It may also impact the series moving forward if Harrison Ford’s character is central to the story.

harrison ford blade runner

What we do know is that Ridley Scott has put Rick Deckard into the story. We know that Harrison Ford first played Rick Deckard in a movie released in 1982. That film took place in a fictional 2019. The sequel, released in 2017, took place in a fictional 2049. Before we knew that Ridley Scott wants to cast Harrison Ford in the new project, there was a question around where in the timeline the new series might take place. However, knowing the script was written with plans for Harrison Ford to be involved, and Harrison Ford is a human actor who has aged, it heavily suggests that the new series will take place sometime around 2049. It’s true that CGI could de-age the actor some, but it makes most sense that the live-action series will be taking place five to ten years after 2049.

That raises a lot more questions. In Blade Runner 2049, Harrison Ford’s character appeared to have a conclusion. That conclusion seemed to indicate that Rick Deckard was going to live a more peaceful life. He could make small appearances in the series, giving glimpses of that peaceful life. If his role is bigger, will his ending be forfeit? It’s going to be interesting to see what Ridley Scott has planned this time around.