Gina Carano’s Comeback Movie Has Finally Gotten A Release Date

By Britta DeVore | 1 week ago

gina carano cara dune

After losing her well-liked role as Cara Dune on Disney+’s Star Wars-based hit, The Mandalorian, it seemed that Gina Carano’s time in showbiz may have been over. And then, after a few months of waiting, fans were told that she would appear in a western flick titled Terror on the Prairie but were never given further details of when that pesky release date would be. Well, today, we have that news for you! Members of The Daily Wire will be able to stream the gun slingin’ movie beginning June 14, 2022. 

In her new role, Gina Carano trades in her drum blaster for a rifle and her armor for frontier clothes and takes on the role of a woman living in Montana during some of the roughest and toughest times in American history. It’s here in the wide open plains that she’ll need to face down a brutal crew of outlaws who are out for revenge. What kind of revenge? We don’t know yet, but the intrigue is killing us. 

With an original story penned by Josiah Nelson, the action feature is under the direction of Michael Polish. Joining Gina Carano to pull the story together will be Nick Searcy, Cowboy Cerrone, Tyler Fischer, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, Heath Freeman, Samaire Armstrong, Travis Mills, Matthias Hues, Rhys Becker, Izzy Marshall, Jeremy Gauna, and Thomas White Eagle. As we mentioned, Terror on the Prairie will be a Daily Wire exclusive, available only for those who are members of the conservative media outlet. 

The right-wing site is definitely hoping to drive up those subscription numbers by featuring a film starring Gina Carano as right now, most of their content is that of “thought” pieces and interviews. Sending their reporters in to share their opinions on the hardest-hitting topics in America right now, including gun rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, abortion rights, and more, it’s hard to find other pieces of truly entertainment-based media. But, it’s there. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll see some of their other productions, but they all seem to be missing the type of star power backing Carano. 

Other than being a (now ex) A-list actress, Gina Carano has been very vocal about her political views. In fact, that’s what got her removed from The Mandalorian to begin with. In February 2021, the actress took to her social media accounts to compare being a Republican in today’s world to being a Jewish person during the Holocaust. As one could imagine, people were … pretty ticked off. Calling for the immediate firing of Carano, the fans were heard when Lucasfilm pulled the plug on Carano’s tenure as Cara Dune. And this wasn’t a one-strike-and-you’re-out kind of deal, it just so happens that Carano was already in hot water with the company after she claimed voter fraud during the 2020 election and openly mocked those who chose to wear masks during the worst days of COVID.

With Gina Carano now finding a new home on The Daily Wire, she has a crash pad to land on. While this is her first production with them, it certainly won’t be her last. The actress has already signed on to appear in an unauthorized Hunter Biden movie titled, My Son Hunter, the logline for which says it will tell the truth about the Vice President turned President, Joe Biden’s, son.