Gina Carano Reveals Her Birthmark and Swears Never To Drink Again In Latest Post

By Douglas Helm | 1 month ago

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Gina Carano may be a former MMA fighter and occasional drinker, but a bout in the ring or rough night doesn’t necessarily mean she has a black eye, as she revealed in her latest Instagram post. The actress and fighter took to the social media platform to swear she’s “never drinking again” (while also mentioning she needs a beer) and saying no, it’s not a black eye in the picture, it’s just her birthmark. Take a look at the Instagram post from Gina Carano below:

Gina Carano has mentioned her birthmark before, but she probably does still get asked a lot if it’s a black eye, just because of the nature of her former MMA career. In the post, she also sports an all-black look and mentions that she’s heading to a baby shower. Her post also mentions that she hopes her family won’t cancel her.

While her family probably won’t cancel her, Gina Carano has undoubtedly become familiar with the feeling over the past few years. Most notably, she was fired from the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian for comments she made on social media. She had a prominent role in the series as Cara Dune, a former Rebel Alliance soldier that would occasionally team up with Mando. Fans like her on the series, but her social media presence reportedly drew enough ire to force Lucasfilm to drop her.

In addition to missing out on more seasons of The Mandalorian, Gina Carano presumably lost out on appearing in the spin-off series, Rangers of the New Republic. Supposedly, Rangers of the New Republic was going to feature Cara Dune as one of the lead characters, but this will likely be a very different scenario now. Not much is known yet about how that project may proceed without her.

Though she is certainly getting less acting work following the social media controversy, it doesn’t mean she’s been cut off from Hollywood entirely. She has several projects in the works with the conservative website The Daily Wire, so it looks like some studios and producers are still willing to work with Gina Carano. In fact, she has a movie coming out this summer called Terror on the Prarie. The movie is about a frontier woman defending herself from a gang of outlaws.

On a more controversial note, she’ll also be starring in an upcoming biopic called My Son Hunter, which is a movie surrounding the alleged scandals of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Another movie on her docket is White Knuckle which is about a woman seeking revenge on a serial killer trucker after she survives his attempt on her life. So, while Gina Carano won’t be seeing any Star Wars action anytime soon, it does seem like she’s staying relatively busy.

Gina Carano has most recently made the news as one of the guest celebrities at the upcoming FAN EXPO Denver, alongside other Star Wars stars and celebrities from other major comic and cinematic properties. Ming-Na Wen, Anthony Daniels, Ashley Eckstein, Carl Weathers, and Katee Sackhoff will be the other Star Wars celebs in attendance.