The Disturbing Florence Pugh Horror On Netflix Is Almost Too Creepy

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Immerse yourself in a chilling narrative where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. Malevolent, featuring the brilliant Florence Pugh, beckons viewers into a haunting tale of deception and dark secrets. As a rising star in the cinematic world, Florence Pugh showcases her versatility in this supernatural thriller, effortlessly drawing audiences into its eerie depths.

Now streaming on Netflix, Malevolent promises a gripping journey that will leave you questioning every shadow and whisper. Dive in, if you dare.

Florence Pugh stars in Malevolent now streaming on Netflix

In Malevolent, Florence Pugh plays the role of Angela, a young woman with a troubled past. She and her brother, Jackson, run a fraudulent business that capitalizes on the grief of bereaved individuals. 

florence pugh

Posing as paranormal investigators, Florence Pugh and company promise their clients that they can rid their homes of unwanted spirits. Angela, however, has a genuine ability to communicate with the dead, a talent she suppresses with drugs to numb her traumatic experiences.

In Malevolent, Florence Pugh and Ben Lloyd-Hughes play a brother and sister team of scam paranormal investigators

Their scam operation appears to be going smoothly until they’re hired by an old woman, Mrs. Green, who lives in a secluded, decaying mansion with a dark history. She believes that the spirits of young girls who were brutally murdered there are haunting her home. 

As Angela and Jackson, along with their team, begin their usual charade of faking an exorcism, Angela starts to experience genuine supernatural occurrences. Her true psychic abilities begin to awaken, making her realize that the spirits in the house are very real and very angry.

As Florence Pugh delves deeper into the history of the mansion and Mrs. Green’s connection to the past atrocities, Angela is drawn into a nightmarish realm of the mansion’s malevolent spirits. Throughout the course of the film, secrets are unveiled, betrayals are exposed, and the boundary between the living and the dead becomes increasingly unclear.

Malevolent intertwines psychological horror with the supernatural, delivering a story that grapples with trauma, guilt, and the weight of the past. With Florence Pugh’s compelling performance at the helm, the movie keeps viewers on the edge, wondering what lurks in the shadows.

Florence Pugh’s early career has showcased her remarkable range and versatility as an actress, with several of her roles delving into darker, more intense themes. Malevolent is one such film, where she navigates the realms of psychological and supernatural horror, demonstrating her capacity to convey profound emotion and vulnerability.

Another iconic dark role in Florence Pugh’s filmography is her starring role in Midsommar, directed by Ari Aster. In this deeply unsettling horror-drama, she plays Dani, a young woman grappling with immense personal loss who joins her boyfriend and his friends on a trip to a rural Swedish village. 

Florence Pugh had another terrifying role in Midsommar early in her career

As the group becomes entangled in the village’s disturbing pagan rituals, Pugh’s character undergoes an intense emotional transformation, experiencing a gamut of emotions from grief to horror to a perverse form of liberation.

Her portrayal in Midsommar was widely praised, with many commenting on the rawness and authenticity she brought to such a complex character.

In addition to these, Florence Pugh also starred in the gothic drama Lady Macbeth, where she played Katherine, a young woman trapped in a stifling marriage who resorts to extreme measures to claim her freedom. While not strictly a horror film, Lady Macbeth is suffused with dark themes of oppression, rebellion, and amorality.

These early roles in her career have established Florence Pugh as an actress unafraid to explore the darker facets of human experience. They’ve showcased her depth and have set the stage for her continued success in a variety of genres. Her choices suggest a preference for complex, layered characters and narratives that challenge both the actress and the audience.

Florence Pugh’s riveting performance in Malevolent adds yet another layer to her already impressive repertoire, proving she’s not just a fleeting star but a powerhouse performer who can delve deep into any character’s psyche.

As she navigates the eerie and unsettling world of this horror film, she once again demonstrates her ability to capture and convey intense emotions, pulling the audience into the narrative. 

For those who are just getting acquainted with her talent, Malevolent offers a raw, unfiltered look at Florence Pugh in one of her formative roles. As the film winds its haunting tale on Netflix, it’s clear that Florence Pugh is an actress whose journey is worth following, as she consistently chooses challenging roles and delivers unforgettable performances.