Exclusive: Tom Hanks In Talks For Marvel Villain Role

Tom Hanks is in talks to portray a Marvel villain within the MCU.

By James Brizuela | Published

Tom Hanks

About a year ago, we reported a Tom Hanks scoop that Hanks was in talks to finally appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that has since not been confirmed. Well, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Tom Hanks is now in talks to portray a Marvel villain. Who or what villain Hanks is set to portray might not be confirmed, but we can speculate on who the Academy Award winner would best play.

Considering that Tom Hanks is a massive movie star, we would imagine that his Marvel villain role would have to be quite substantial. While some might find this casting to be a bit off-putting, we would imagine that the MCU might look to Hanks to portray Victor von Doom. Doctor Doom is one of the biggest villains that Marvel has not yet fully brought into the MCU, and considering that Avengers: Secret Wars is set to happen, Doom will need to be cast soon.

There is also the upcoming Fantastic Four movie to think about, which is more than likely going to involve Doctor Doom. Tom Hanks would certainly need to come on board to portray a significant Marvel villain, and Doom might be one of the most significant. Another interesting idea would be that Hanks might be someone like Apocalypse. The mutants are starting to come into prominence in the MCU, and Apocalypse is the biggest threat to the X-Men.

tom hanks

Tom Hanks has the gravitas to portray some of the more dramatic Marvel villains, so he could potentially also play someone like Mister Sinister. Mister Sinister is also one of the bigger villains for the X-Men, and one that has not yet been shown in live-action. Sinister has the huge power of manipulation, which could be a good way for someone like Jean Grey to be controlled.

Another interesting selection could be that Tom Hanks is meant to portray the would-be Marvel villain, Nathaniel Richards, who is the father of Reed Richards, and one that is more obsessed with science than being a good father. Nathaniel created what is known as the Time Platform, which allows him to travel through space and time. Nathaniel ends up being one of the versions of Kang the Conquerer, which would make sense considering we have already seen a different version of the character in Loki.

Tom Hanks could also be coming in to be one of the more overpowered Marvel entity villains, which could peg him as someone like The Beyonder or Korvac. Both have dealt with huge cosmic events in the comics, and with Secret Wars coming up, either would be a safe bet. Korvac did kill the Avengers but reversed their deaths, which would make sense to happen in this multiverse arc currently.

Tom Hanks is likely going to portray a Marvel villain that will matter in the current MCU plans, or the plans moving forward past the Secret Wars movie. Either way, it is quite exciting that someone with such immense talent is going to be added. The same was said for Josh Brolin, who portrayed Thanos in many movies, which is something we foresee happening for whoever Hanks portrays.