Exclusive: Tom Hanks Finally In Talks To Join Marvel

Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that Tom Hanks is in talks with Marvel about joining their cinematic universe.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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To say that Tom Hanks is a well-known actor may be an understatement. Today, Hollywood relies on big-budget franchises in order to earn the profits they’re after. When Hanks got his start, he had to build a name that studios could rely on to bring audiences into the theaters, and he certainly delivered. He’s brought in huge returns on movies like Forrest Gump or Cast Away. With so much star power and experience, many have wondered if he would ever consider signing on for a Marvel movie. When he was asked about that a few months ago during an interview, he sounded like he would be interested, but only if they offered him something good. Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that Tom Hanks is in talks with Marvel to join their cinematic universe.

This is big news and it comes with many questions. How large is the role Tom Hanks is in talks for? Will it be a brief appearance? Will he take on the role of a major villain? How soon could fans expect to see him in a Marvel film if talks go well? Unfortunately, while we were able to learn that the well-known actor is talking to the studio about a potential role, we were unable to confirm the finer details of these talks. It’s also possible that the talks won’t go well and he won’t appear in a movie, but we’re hopeful that won’t be the case.

As mentioned above, these talks come after an interview the actor did. Several months ago, Tom Hanks was on the SmartLess podcast. He was asked whether he would consider joining Marvel. His response made headlines, in large part because it was hilariously spot-on and proved he had a pretty clear idea of what his public image is. Also because his response made it clear that under the right conditions, he might consider joining a Marvel movie. Some actors have no interest at all, but Tom Hanks sounded open–if the role was right.

As if the iconic actor was daring Kevin Feige to give him a call, Tom Hanks started off by saying, “Here’s the problem. First of all, they’ve never called me once. Nope, never.” This was to clarify that as of two months ago, he had never spoken to them. He then added, “And I think, that if one of these days they will, they’d say, ‘Is there any way you’d consider playing a secretary of defense?’ You know, a guy who comes and says, ‘Please, help us Ultraman, we can’t survive!’ I’d be one of those guys. I don’t get to play the punk.”

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With those words so publicly spoken, it would be amazing to have heard the phone call between Marvel and Tom Hanks. Was it the head of Marvel, Kevin Feige himself, who made the call? Did he start off by saying that they’d like him to “play the punk”? Or asking if he’d consider playing the secretary of defense? There had to have been jokes made about these comments once Marvel officially got to talk to Tom Hanks.

Even if these talks don’t go well, hopefully, Tom Hanks will share what happened in these conversations in a future interview. Maybe he’ll reveal that they asked him to play a terrible villain after all. It’s going to be interesting to hear how these conversations went once the details are finally revealed.