Exclusive: Stargirl Headed For A Solo Movie

Stargirl is headed to the big screen.

By Drew Dietsch | Published


Stargirl might not have been the most well-known superhero in the DC universe stable, but that is starting to change. Thanks to a new television series, the adventures of Courtney Whitmore are becoming more popular with a new generation of DC fans. The series has been receiving positive critical responses and has been renewed for a second season on The CW. It seems like the powers-that-be are taking notice of just how beloved the character is becoming with young viewers, and in an effort to expand their rosters of superheroines in feature films, it looks like Stargirl will be the next DC character to head to the big screen.

According to one of our trusted and proven inside sources, Warner Bros. is looking to give Stargirl her own feature film. Whether or not this would have any connection to The CW series is unclear, but we assume this is part of Walter Hamada’s approach to the DC universe. That means this would be a standalone entry that exists in a larger multiverse and would not be directly connected to the television series. Exactly how that would sit with fans of the show remains to be seen, but we know they are taking a very similar route with The Flash in regards to its movie and the popular series. It seems like this will be how Warner Bros./DC decides to move forward with a lot of their properties.

Stargirl would be a great way to expand the female superhero roster for the DC universe’s feature films. While they obviously have Wonder Woman and are committed to that franchise, a character like Courtney Whitmore has a very good chance of attracting a much younger audience. The character is often depicted as a teenager or young woman and could easily be targeted towards that audience in much the same way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is likely going to use Ms. Marvel to appeal to younger viewers. If audiences fall in love with Stargirl, she could become one of the leading figures in this next generation of the DC universe on film.

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It would be interesting to see just how singular a film version of Stargirl would end up being. Most of the takes on the character have her being an integral part of the Justice Society of America. Would the movie go the same route or hone in more specifically on Stargirl as a character? We do know that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will be featuring members of the Justice Society of America. Would this offer the opportunity for some crossover moments? Or, like we assumed earlier, would Stargirl be a totally unconnected project from what we will eventually see in Black Adam?

Regardless, we are thrilled to break the news about the Stargirl movie. The DC universe has tons of awesome characters that have yet to be brought to life on the big screen. Seeing Courtney Whitmore finally cross that threshold and reach a much wider audience than ever before is a reason for celebration.