Exclusive: Stargate To Bring Back Kurt Russell

By Drew Dietsch | 2 weeks ago

kurt russell stargate

Stargate introduced the world to Colonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil (Kurt Russell), the character that would later be played by Richard Dean Anderson in the hit television series Stargate SG-1. Most fans have come to accept Russell’s short tenure in the movie as a stepping stone to what the series did with the character, but it is still an important role in the actor’s storied career. If a reboot of the franchise was in order, would Kurt Russell end up being a part of it? Well, we here at Giant Freakin Robot have managed to get our hands on some exclusive news that sheds a light on that very possibility.

According to one of our trusted and proven inside sources, the studio wants Kurt Russell to come back for a new Stargate feature film. Our source also says that the studio is hoping that this would kick off a cinematic universe that would include both movies and television shows. We were not able to clarify just how substantial or recurring Russell’s role would be in this newest iteration of the franchise. We aren’t sure if this would act as a way of passing the torch to a new generation or if the plan is to try and have Russell be a central presence in this new arm of the property. All we can confirm is that the studio definitely wants Kurt Russell to be a part of the new Stargate project.

There is no doubt that landing an established talent like Kurt Russell will help with a wider appeal for the franchise. Fans will obviously recognize him from the original Stargate movie, but audiences that aren’t familiar with the property will likely know him from recent movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or the popular Netflix films, The Christmas Chronicles and its sequel. The point is that having Russell in a prominent role will better the project’s chances of interesting more people.

kurt russell stargate

Whether or not this means that the studio wants to get other actors back for a Stargate revival is also unclear. Would they try and get James Spader back as well and have him and Kurt Russell share some screen time together? Or is Russell the only one they are trying to get? He is the only actor we could confirm that the studio is hoping to snag, so anything else at this point would be pure speculation. Still, it would be pretty cool to see the two back in the Stargate universe if just for a brief scene or two.

We know that there have been plenty of stirrings when it comes to revitalizing the Stargate universe, but this news that Kurt Russell could be part of those projects is brand new. Hopefully, we can hear some more about this development and can look forward to seeing Jack O’Neil back on the big screen. It will be doubly impressive if it is played by the actor that originated the role. That would be a true treat to longtime fans of the franchise.

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