Exclusive: All-Female Mortal Kombat Movie In The Works

An all-female Mortal Kombat spinoff is being discussed.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

mortal kombat all-female

Mortal Kombat has proven itself to be a resounding success both at the box office and on streaming platform HBO Max. Plans for a sequel are already underway and it looks like Warner Bros. has another franchise on their hands. Fans have been wondering just what to expect from the next entry in the series, and while it does appear that there will be a direct sequel to the first film, we decided to reach out to one of our trusted and proven insider sources to see what might be going on in the world of Mortal Kombat. And it turns out there are other ideas in the works.

The big one we are hearing about is that the studio is currently thinking about an “all-female” spinoff of Mortal Kombat. We were not able to get any more clarification beyond that, but we assume this does not mean a movie solely with women but a movie that focused specifically on a large ensemble of female characters. That tracks with some of what we have been hearing about Mortal Kombat 2. Director Simon McQuoid has said that he wants to increase the presence of women in the sequel, and other reports have said that Sonya Blade will be taking on an even more prominent role in the follow-up film. It could very well be that the plan is to establish a larger number of female fighters in the sequel in order to set them up for their own focused movie in the future.

While we don’t doubt this news, we should emphasize that there are probably a lot of ideas flying around the studio boardroom now that Mortal Kombat has been proven to be a success. Although critical reception has not been great (read our review right here), fans seem to be very happy with this new version of the property. As such, the powers-that-be are very likely running down every possible way they can exploit this success and just how big of a franchise they can build out of the property. Warner Bros. may have the DC universe but they are always going to be looking for another universe they can expand. Mortal Kombat has an incredibly dense amount of lore and characters to mine, and we have to imagine that the studio is approaching that in the same way they do their superhero properties.

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Perhaps this all-female spinoff is just one of many proposals. It certainly makes sense considering how many female characters there are across the history of Mortal Kombat. There is a lot they could do with that as a foundation. But we have to think that the ideas don’t stop there. With the film being so successful on HBO Max, there could very well be plans in motion for some kind of series or other projects specifically for the streaming platform. Would this spinoff end up there or would it be for theatrical distribution?

No matter what, it is clear that Warner Bros. is seeing green with Mortal Kombat and we will not be surprised to hear about any other number of projects entering development now that there is a successful foundation to build on.