Exclusive: Matrix 5 Setup At The End Of Matrix Resurrections Revealed

We've exclusively learned how The Matrix 5 will be setup at the end of Resurrections.

By Faith McKay | Published

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It was a surprise when The Matrix: Resurrections was first announced. Making the fourth installment for a trilogy so many years later isn’t exactly common, though it’s becoming more normal these days. Naturally, it raises a lot of questions about where the story is going. All this time later, they’re making The Matrix 4. Is that the whole plan? So far, it’s all the studio has officially announced. Previously, we learned some details on Neo’s ending in this upcoming fourth movie that heavily hinted The Matrix 5 should happen. Now, thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we have more information to share.

We have learned that The Matrix 5 will be set up at the end of The Matrix: Resurrections. The final scene will feature Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) talking to Neil Patrick Harris, who is playing a character yet to be named. Neo and Trinity will tell Neil Patrick Harris’s character that a new battle is just beginning. Then, the pair fly off. This moment sets up the sequel. We were unable to confirm whether it is the official final scene or actually a mid-credits scene, but it sounds like it’s the official final scene of the main movie. The biggest news from our source was that this scene is clearly and intentionally setting up Matrix 5.

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Right now, we’re about to see the official first trailer for the fourth Matrix movie. That means that, after many delays, we’re finally getting into the real lead-up for this movie. Does knowing that a Matrix 5 is coming change the experience and expectations for Matrix 4? Absolutely it does. If The Matrix: Resurrections was meant to be a solo film, it would tell the full story it means to tell and it would mean that the decisions made by the film’s creators would be solitary. Knowing that there are planned sequels means that the director is making choices to set up a tone not just for Matrix 4, but for the fifth one as well.

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What do we know about that tone so far? Well, from the film’s final scene described above, we know that The Matrix Resurrections is going to set up a new battle for Matrix 5. We also know that while the actors have been keeping the plot tight under wraps, they have shared a little. When discussing The Matrix: Resurrections in interviews, Keanu Reeves has told audiences that the fourth movie is going to be an inspiring love story and that it won’t be diving into the past. Neil Patrick Harris has also shared that he feels Lana Wachowski, the film’s director, has elevated her visual style for this upcoming story.

Early images have backed up the comments from Neil Patrick Harris. Promos have shown familiar visuals for the fourth film, like the green code flowing across the screen we know well from the original trilogy. The “red pill or blue pill” promo website showed a visual of Jonathan Groff’s character with his mouth in a frightening position we previously saw Neo in. With The Matrix: Resurrections setting up Matrix 5, it has the unique challenge of calling back to what audiences love from the original trilogy while creating something fresh as the creators move into a new story with new visual elements.

So far, we’ve learned that The Matrix Resurrections is going to end with a scene that sets up Matrix 5. When the movie releases on December 22, 2021, we’ll get to see if the movie manages to make audiences excited for that fifth installment.