Exclusive: Liam Hemsworth Wanted For Stargate Reboot

Through our sources, we can report that Liam Hemsworth is being targeted for the Stargate Reboot.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

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Star Trek has five series running concurrently for the first time and Star Trek 4 is finally on the way. Star Wars has some of the most popular shows on TV and more movies on the way. But among the many “Star” franchises, Stargate has been noticeably absent. That won’t last long. With MGM, and hence Stargate, now under the Amazon banner, there’s more content on the way. We just learned from a trusted and proven source that the folks behind the reboot are looking to recruit Liam Hemsworth of Hunger Games fame for a key Stargate role.

We don’t know who Liam Hemsworth will be playing in the new Stargate, but apparently the reboot isn’t likely to be a straight reboot, but instead a sequel. We learned only last week that the reboot movie would be looking to get back cast members from the original 1994 film — such as Kurt Russell and James Spader — that started it all. Hemsworth often plays heroic types, so perhaps he’ll be the Rey to Kurt Russell’s Luke so to speak?

Regardless of who Liam Hemsworth plays in the new Stargate, assuming he agrees to the part, it probably won’t be the original director behind the camera. In spite of reports to the contrary — including still being listed as the “announced” director on IMDb — director Roland Emmerich made it clear while speaking to Space.com in February that he has no intention of returning to the franchise he helped start in 1994. Famous for sci-fi disaster fare like Independence Day and 2012, Emmerich was promoting this year’s Moonfall when he said that while he wanted the franchise to be revived, he wouldn’t be the one to do it. He also explained that he had passed on the opportunity to work on any of the TV spin-offs because of the budgetary restrictions.

We’ve got a crazy idea — if Liam Hemsworth does board the Stargate reboot, maybe he could bring his new buddy Russell Crowe along? We don’t know for a fact that they’re pals, but they’re sure doing a lot together. Due out at the end of 2022, Poker Face — co-written and directed by Crowe — will star both Crowe and Hemsworth. Then one of the very next films on Hemsworth’s scheduled is the action thriller Land of Bad, which will star Crowe as an Air Force drone pilot. Not to mention that Crowe just starred as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder with Liam Hemsworth’s two brothers Chris and Luke, his sister-in-law Elsa Pataky, his nephew Tristan, and his nieces Sasha and India Rose.

Jason Momoa Stargate Atlantis feature
Jason Momoa on Stargate: Atlantis

Liam Hemsworth can do a lot worse than signing up for Stargate. Sure, the franchise has suffered a long hiatus but it’s known for defying expectations. In spite of not being particularly well received when the first film released in 1994, the concept spawned three television spin-off series: Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stargate Universe. Not to mention that Stargate: Atlantis was an important stepping stone for Jason Momoa on his road to absolute superstardom. If it could work for Aquaman, why not for Thor’s brother?