Exclusive: Keanu Reeves Met With Christopher Nolan About New Movie

By Faith McKay | 14 seconds ago

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Keanu Reeves is not afraid of unusual and mind-bending roles. As the star of The Matrix and its infamous spoon-bending scene, he’s played a major part in what mind-bending stories have become. Christopher Nolan, the director of Tenet, Memento, and Interstellar is a big fan of that type of film. Now, Giant Freakin Robot has learned from a trusted and proven inside source that Keanu Reeves and Christopher Nolan have met to discuss a future movie.

Our source was able to share with Giant Freakin Robot that Keanu Reeves and Christopher Nolan were not discussing Oppenheimer, the next movie audiences will see from the filmmaker. This is something else, a project Nolan is expecting to work on after the Robert Downey Jr. film. We were unable to learn the title of the new movie that the pair met to talk about, but it sounds like it will be the project after Oppenheimer if Nolan’s schedule remains the same. Based on what we’ve learned in the past about what the director has been up to, we would guess that this project is an action movie, but that’s only speculation. It would certainly make sense to talk to Keanu Reeves, the star of the John Wick films, about signing on for an action film.

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At this point, Giant Freakin Robot has learned that Keanu Reeves and Christopher Nolan met and discussed future work together. It’s important to note that doesn’t mean they will sign on the dotted line. Reeves has a busy schedule and the freedom to be selective about his roles. The two may not have meshed well personality-wise. That being said, based on their work, the two seem like a natural pair-up to make something unique. Fans will often make lists about movies that may blow your mind like The Matrix, and when they do, they list films like Nolan’s Inception. Alternately, when people want a movie like Inception, they’re asked if they’ve seen The Matrix. If the two team up, they’ll have to really stretch their story to make something that will surprise audiences given their pasts, and that’s the kind of challenge for a filmmaker that can turn out something special.

It’s interesting that Christopher Nolan is already talking to actors like Keanu Reeves about this next project. In the past, he’s waited years between movies. He’s said that he has enjoyed having the time to get things exactly right and how he wants them. With such confusing timelines to sort out in so many of his films, it makes sense that he’d want to slow down to nail those stories. Perhaps he’s gotten faster after all his previous works. Or perhaps after feuding with Warner Bros studios over the streaming releases of their movies on HBO Max, he’s fired up and ready to release movies faster. Whatever the case, these talks are a good sign that it may not be four years between his releases. And, maybe, audiences will get the chance to see what Keanu Reeves and Nolan can do together.