Netflix Giving Elliot Page An Umbrella Academy Spinoff Series?

After two successful seasons on Netflix, a new rumor suggests The Umbrella Academy could gets its own spinoff centered on Elliot Page's Vanya Hargreeves.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ever since The Umbrella Academy debuted on Netflix in 2019, the series has been one of the streaming service’s biggest original hits. In its debut year, Netflix said the series was their third most popular series, and its second season grew its audience, while also receiving even better reviews than the first. Because of the show’s popularity, it shouldn’t be a surprise Netflix is rumored to be developing a spinoff series focused on the show’s biggest star, Elliot Page.

The rumor comes from entertainment gossip writer Daniel Richtman, who doesn’t offer any information other than that Elliot Page would be getting his own The Umbrella Academy spinoff in the future. Richtman doesn’t say where this rumor comes from, what the show would be about, when the show would come out, or any other details, so this might be wishful thinking at this point.

Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen page came out earlier this month as non-binary transgender, which was met by support on Twitter from the official Netflix account, as well as from Universal Content Productions. Page will continue to play the role of Vanya on The Umbrella Academy, and while there have been rumors Vanya might transition on the show, nothing has been confirmed about future plans for the character.

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However, soon after The Umbrella Academy was renewed for Season Two, showrunner Steve Blackman told The Hollywood Reporter that his plan was to not deviate too much from the comics. Blackman also posted on Instagram a photo of the script for The Umbrella Academy’s first episode of the third season, entitled “Meet the Family.” It’s unclear how giving Elliot Page his own spinoff would alter Blackman’s plan to stick to the comics, or even how a spinoff would connect with The Umbrella Academy and the source material.

If Elliot Page did receive his own spinoff, it’s also uncertain what would happen to the character on The Umbrella Academy. Since Page is the biggest name on the property, one would have to imagine Netflix would want Page in both series. But with Steve Blackman already showing off scripts for Season Three, it seems unlikely that a spinoff would happen any time soon, unless this had been in the works for quite some time. 

Elliot Page has started to move more towards television in recent years, as the host of the Vice’s documentary series, Gaycation, and appearing in the Netflix series, Tales of the City, in addition to his two seasons on The Umbrella Academy. In 2019, Page directed the documentary There’s Something in the Water, and prior to that, the last three films Page appeared in were from 2017: My Days of Mercy, The Cured, and the Flatliners remake. Page will next be a voice in the films Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin, and Robodog, while also doing voice work for 2022’s Ark: The Animated Series.

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There’s no reason why Netflix wouldn’t want a spinoff of The Umbrella Academy, especially one that features the show’s biggest star. But with little evidence to support this rumor, and Season Three of The Umbrella Academy already in development, it doesn’t seem like we’ll see a spinoff featuring Page’s Vanya Hargreeves any time soon.