Disney Cancels Show About One Of The Most Iconic Book Characters Ever

By Jessica Goudreault | Published

Disney Captain Nemo

It’s no secret that Disney has been cutting corners and shutting down projects where possible in order to save money. Now, their plans to bring the classic Disney character Captain Nemo to life have been canceled. Nautilus, the UK live-action series that would delve into the captain’s origin story, is not going to be coming to the streaming service, according to Deadline.

With so many ongoing lawsuits and box office flops, Disney has been trying to cut costs and save money wherever they can. The company launched a content removal plan earlier this year to try and cut a whopping $3 billion of non-sports content from their streaming services.

Disney is cancelling Nautilus, what would have been a live-action Captain Nemo series

To help pinch pennies and get more bang for their buck, the company is trying to focus on content curation for their main streaming service Disney+.

While the Captain Nemo TV series has been pulled by Disney, there is still hope that it will stream somewhere else. Filming for Nautilus has already wrapped, so now it’s just a matter of post-production and finding a place to stream it. Disney’s production team is currently trying to find a place to stream the new show as they meet with other executives and share screenings.

Disney Captain Nemo

The 10-episode TV series Nautilus is based on the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by French author Jules Verne. The original story was written in 1870, and it has been adapted into several different films over the past 153 years. Similar to other classic adaptations, Disney wanted to tell the origin story of Captain Nemo and his famous submarine but in a new, modern way.

Filming for Nautilus has already wrapped so there’s some hope it can stream elsewhere.

In the new TV series, Captain Nemo is an Indian Prince (played by Shazad Latif) who seeks revenge against those who imprisoned him and took away his birthright.

After he and his crew set sail on his beloved Nautilus, he winds up fighting new enemies and finding an underwater world. The rest of the new cast includes many Australian actors, like Georgia Flood, Pacharo Mzembe, and Jacob Collins-Levy, as well as several more diverse and talented stars.

In addition to the Captain Nemo origin story being cut, Disney is also not moving forward with The Spiderwick Chronicles. The latter was going to adapt the children’s fantasy books into a live-action series after the 2008 movie failed to kick off a successful film franchise. Additionally, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announced that there will be less Marvel and Star Wars shows and movies on Disney+.

Disney also chose to cancel The Spiderwick Chronicles as well.

As UK audiences wait to find out the fate of the Captain Nemo TV series, Disney+ will still bring entertaining content to its streaming platform.

The eight-part series Culprits is coming this fall, and it will follow a group of criminals who start getting killed one by one Final Destination-style. Rivals; A Thousand Blows is in the production pipeline with Doctor Who’s David Tennant, Danny Dyer, and Aidan Turner. Coleen Rooney’s documentary series In Vogue is also in the works, and it will delve into her legal battle against Rebekah Vardy.