Dexter: New Blood Confirmed Whether His Son Is In The Show

Will Harrison show up in the revival? The showrunner of Dexter: New Blood has answered.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

dexter new blood

It has been confirmed that when Dexter: New Blood premieres, it will bring back one of the biggest people connecting Michael C. Hall’s character to his old life in Miami — his son, Harrison. 

Named after his adoptive father who instilled him with a code designed to manage his murderous urges, Harrison was born in season four and remained a constant tether that Dexter had to the facade of his life as a family man, an upright citizen of the community and blood splatter analyst for the police department. Now it seems he has unfinished business to attend to in Dexter: New Blood.

dexter new blood

When the original series ended, Dexter essentially faked his own death after giving a 5-year-old Harrison to his girlfriend Hannah to go on the run in Argentina. She thought Dexter would join her and they would live happily ever after outside U.S. jurisdiction, but that’s not the way things played out. Now, in the highly-anticipated revival of the show, Dexter: New Blood, Dexter will have to answer to his now grown-up son for abandoning him the way that he did. 

Variety reports that Dexter: New Blood will see the former blood splatter analyst living in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York when he’s somehow reunited with Harrison. Per the years that have gone by, Harrison would be roughly 13 years old. However, according to a picture released by Showtime, the actor playing Harrison seems like he might be a bit older than that, suggesting either a time jump or some creative liberties with the timeline. 

Regardless, the minds behind Dexter: New Blood teased at the Television Critics Association press tour that Harrison will be bringing his own inner demons to the table for Dexter to grapple with. It’s unclear if that means that Harrison will be battling his own murderous tendencies, but no one would be able to blame him if he were. After all, Dexter didn’t exactly leave Harrison with a proper mother figure. Fans will remember that Hannah was herself a serial killer. It was revealed that Harrison was led to believe all his life that his father was dead, so finding out differently would mess anyone up a little. Meanwhile, he was already set up for darkness when, as a baby, he was present for the murder of his mother at the hands of the Trinty killer. Dexter was also exposed to the violent death of his own mother, which he believes gave him his murderous tendencies. Now fans will learn if the Trinity killer succeeded in his mission to corrupt Dexter’s offspring in Dexter: New Blood

In fact, Collider reports that the show’s creators revealed that themes of fathers and sons will play a big part in Dexter: New Blood. The character always had issues with his upbringing, but now it seems he’ll tackle them through a new perspective — his departed sister, Deb. Jennifer Carpenter is reprising her role, which she noted at the same press tour will give her character a chance to take Harry and his code to task from beyond the grave. At one point, she says she even likens what Harry taught Dexter as a form of child abuse. In short, fans of the original show can go ahead and throw out all their preconceived notions when they hit play on Dexter: New Blood when it finally drops in October.