Dexter Is Bringing Back One Of Michael C. Hall’s Dead Serial Killer Rivals

Dexter is coming back with a big surprise.

By Faith McKay | Published


Dexter had a lot of memorable characters. One that will never be fogotten was the Trinity Killer. Also known as Arthur Mitchell and played by John Lithgow, the Trinity Killer showed up at the beginning of the fourth season and eventually changed the entire course of the show. Now, Deadline has reported that the actor is returning for Dexter Season 9 on Showtime. Surprised? That would make sense, considering how we last saw the Trinity Killer, with Dexter providing the serial killer with a final end to his story. Or was it?

Deadline is reporting that John Lithgow is only supposed to be on set for about a day in Los Angeles. Dexter is still based in the real world, as far as we know, so it seems doubtful that the writers are trying to bring the character back to life. This would mean that it would most make sense for John Lithgow to be playing the Trinity Killer in a flashback scene. However, the show has been off the air for a long time. John Lithgow has aged like everyone else in the world, so playing a flashback scene seems like an odd move. On any other show, that would still be the only realistic thing we could assume is happening on the show. On this one, it seems like a good guess that Dexter may be talking to Arthur Mitchell in his own head.

On the show, we’ve often seen Michael C Hall’s character talking to his deceased father in his mind. His father stands next to him, and no one else can see him. Since John Lithgow is also dead, and played such a pivotal role in Dexter’s life, it would make sense for the writers to have the characters talk. We can see that Dexter, who is now living a fairly normal life, is remembering when he tried that before with his wife, Rita, and how terribly wrong that went for him and for her.

Dexter John Lithgow

In season 4, Dexter was trying to figure out how to balance his extracurricular activities (murdering people based on a code he developed with his police officer father) with his normal life, which now included Rita (Julie Benz) in a big way. Arthur Miller/Trinity Killer also lived his life with these two sides and became a new father figure for Dexter. Perhaps Arthur Miller had all the keys Dexter needed to figure out how to make his life work for him.

But then, Arthur Miller betrays Dexter and the audience in possibly the biggest shock of the entire series when he goes after Dexter’s wife. To say it was world-changing for the character, and the show, is an understatement. For his character to show up now, all these years later in Dexter season 9 for a brief chat, would actually make a lot of sense. In the trailers we’ve seen so far, we know that Dexter is getting in touch with nature and that he isn’t going by that name these days. Jim Lindsay will be the character we meet, at least at the start of the show. He’s living a whole nother life again. Unfortunately, we know that has never lasted for him long. He just has too many secrets.

Right now, Dexter season 9 is still filming. Reports suggest that Showtime should be offering the new season later in 2021, but we’ll be watching for an official release date.