The Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Trailer Is Here, And It’s The Full Opening Credits

The first Cowboy Bebop trailer is here and it's the full opening credits. Fans of the original series are going to absolutely love this

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

cowboy bebop trailer

The first live look at the Cowboy Bebop trailer dropped on Netflix as part of their #TUDUM event on Saturday and it was more than worth the wait. Those eagerly jonesing to get an actual look at Jon Cho and company in action for the adaptation won’t be disappointed with Netflix releasing the opening credit sequence for the series. And fans of the original Cowboy Bebop will notice some overlap with this new one staying very true to the anime classic’s origins. In fact, they almost went shot-by-shot with the new characters fully embodying the characters and the vibe of the series. If the Cowboy Bebop trailer is any indication, this is lining up to be a truly spectacular show on the streamer. 

From the opening few notes of the Cowboy Bebop trailer, the intro music hits and it’s an instant call back to the original. Sure, the music is cleaned up a bit, but the overtones are there. And with it is the introduction to Cowboy Bebop in its retro-western futuristic glory. Fans of Hajime Yatate’s classic series will notice that composer Yoko Kanno’s original tune is back in effect and the latter has been tasked with scoring the entire live-action series. It’s just one of the many ways creator Andre Nemec and company have worked to make this as accurate a depiction as possible. Check out the first look at the Cowboy Bebop trailer:

The Cowboy Bebop trailer music drops and we see John Cho’s Spike Spiegel calmly and almost ruefully lighting a cigarette. He’s set to star in the series with Spiegel’s character the leader of a band of futuristic bounty hunters (Cowboys). Then there is Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black followed by Daniella Pineda’s Faye Valentine. They make up the core group of the Bebop, the name of their ship as they travel in search of the solar system’s criminal element with each of them only one step away from criminals themselves. They all look the part with such a clear throughline to the original series. By comparison, check out the original Cowboy Bebop opening sequence to see the similarities. 

Often times an opening credit sequence as the means to the first look at a series would be a disappointing prospect. But not this one. That’s because not only does this Cowboy Bebop trailer introduce us to the main characters of the show, but also onboards viewers into the stylistic themes which are arguably just as important.

Based on the iconic late 90s series of the same name, it was important for the show to capture the same graphical elements of the anime series to maintain a similar vibe. That’s no easy feat, but judging by these Cowboy Bebop trailer opening credits, they’ve done it. It’s a smorgasbord of colors and overlays, bringing in the Neo-noir nostalgic spirit and Cho specifically and wordlessly exuding a devil-may-care attitude. It’s perfect. 

While this Cowboy Bebop trailer is just the first look at the series, it won’t be long until we can catch the whole thing. Netflix has planned to release it on November 19th of this year. The first season will consist of ten, hour-long episodes. This one has been a long time coming, in development for years, and gaining considerable buzz about what the show could become. From the first look, it appears they’ve pulled off something special.