Netflix Releases Awesome Cowboy Bebop Poster Ahead Of Trailer

Netflix is letting us see a wicked poster for the live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop in the lead-up to the trailer!

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

netflix cowboy beebop

Fans of the immensely popular anime Cowboy Bebop were gifted with yet another glimpse at the upcoming live-action Netflix series by way of the newly released official poster. 

The image was released on the officially verified Twitter page for the series on Friday. It shows the three protagonists from behind, all holding guns in what appears to be a very western-like desert setting. In addition to yet another look at the main characters Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir) and Faye Valentine (Danielle Pineda), those familiar with the original Cowboy Bebop anime series will be able to recognize Spike’s trusty ship, Swordfish, flying in the distance. It marks the first time the iconic craft has been brought to life for the Netflix series. 

The poster also encourages fans to keep an eye on the Twitter page for Cowboy Bebop on Sept. 25 where IGN reports the first footage from the show will drop on Netflix’s social media. The outlet notes that Netflix is hosting its first TUDUM event, a three-hour marathon hosted on the streaming giant’s social media channels that will include first looks at not just Cowboy Bebop, but other highly anticipated hit shows like The Witcher, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, all of which likely have a ton of fan overlap. According to reports, the second hour of the presentation will see the debut of the live-action anime adaptation’s opening title sequence, complete with music from Yoko Kanno, who did all the music for the original show as well. 

The poster and subsequent teaser for Cowboy Bebop on Netflix come ahead of the planned release of the 10-episode first season on November 19. The show will both delight existing fans and hopefully usher in a new audience to the noir-style, pulpy western series about a group of bounty hunters. The story follows the three characters in a world where a cataclysmic event has left Earth uninhabitable. As a result, humanity fled to the moons and planets of the solar system, ushering in a massive crime wave. To help combat it, a system of contract work is legitimized allowing bounty hunters, often referred to as “cowboys” to bring criminals in alive for cold, hard cash. 

Helming the Netflix adaptation of Cowboy Bebop is showrunner André Nemec, whose past hits include writing on J.J. Abrams’ immensely popular spy series Alias. He kept things in the spy genre when he helped pen the script for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol as well. Meanwhile, he has a history of bringing fan-beloved animated fare to the live-action screen by way of the two recent live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Nemec explained that he is well aware of the risk of taking on a property that has as many diehard fans as Cowboy Bebop. Fortunately, he believes he’s up for the task. He noted that he doesn’t plan to touch the canon of the original anime with a ten-foot pole. Instead, he views the live-action Netflix series as a chance to merely “expand” the canon and explore more of the world that fans fell in love with from the start. He doesn’t want them to be separate, but he also doesn’t want to marry his narrative to something that could water down or, even infect the original with something fans don’t respond well to.