Courteney Cox Is Going To Be Walked On By Everyone In Hollywood

Courteney Cox is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox has had one hell of a Hollywood career, ranging from killer movies like the Scream series, hit TV shows like Friends, and a few things we’re sure she’d rather forget about (don’t worry, girl, we still loved you in that awful He-Man movie). Nobody can deny that Cox has left a major impression on Hollywood, and now, the veteran star gets to make that impression permanent. The Hollywood Walk of Fame website reports that Cox will finally have her name added to the Walk of Fame on Monday, February 27.

Even if you’re not a big fan of Courteney Cox, it’s hard to argue that this honor for the star isn’t long, long overdue. Cox has appeared onscreen since a modest television role back in 1984, meaning that she has been acting for nearly 40 years. And while that is impressive enough on its own, Cox deserves special praise for the quality of some of the works she has appeared in.

While Courteney Cox was already a regular working actor, she didn’t become a household name until she starred in the hit television show Friends. That show gave us ten seasons of hilarity that permanently changed the pop culture landscape, and Cox earned a legion of fans for her killer performance. She and the rest of the cast had such a great synergy that we weren’t surprised when the 2021 Friends reunion special on HBO Max ended up getting nominated for an Emmy.

Courteney Cox

And while Cox has had quite a few big screen roles, none have been quite as iconic as the role of Gale Weathers in the Scream franchise. While the characters in those movies are often broad horror archetypes, Cox imbued her character with an equal mixture of ambition and pathos.  In many ways, she is the most dynamic character in the entire series, going from being a self-centered careerist to a fierce warrior who isn’t afraid to take on the world’s scariest killers (and in Scream 3, she took on an even scarier foe: the world’s worst haircut).

While audiences mostly know Courteney Cox for the above roles, it’s worth noting that she has proven talented at just about every aspect of film and TV production. For example, she stepped behind the camera to direct the movie Just Before I Go, and she directed 12 episodes of her criminally-overlooked show Cougartown. And she has been a producer on 19 previous occasions and will be serving as executive producer for the upcoming Scream 6, a movie in which she will portray Gale Weathers yet again.

If you’re interested in seeing Courteney Cox get added to the Walk of Fame, you don’t need to book a plane ticket to California. Instead, all you have to do is tune into on Monday, February 27, at 11:30 am PT, where the entire event will be live-streamed. Between this event and the premiere of Scream 6 next month, Courtney Cox is totally having a moment, and if anyone needs us, we’re going to be quietly whispering “yasss, queen” for all of next week.