Chucky Vs. M3GAN Is Actually Happening?

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Once upon a time, if you heard someone talking about a killer doll horror icon, they could only be talking about Chucky from Child’s Play. However, there have been more recent deadly dolls that have made a major pop culture splash, including M3GAN, earlier this year.

Suppose you’ve ever wondered what a Freddy vs. Jason-style showdown would look like between these two. In that case, you’re in luck: according to Bloody Disgusting, the idea of an eventual Chucky vs. M3GAN came up in an interview with Chucky showrunner Don Mancini, and he replied, “I would say, stay tuned.”

Fans have been talking about Chucky facing off with the new-generation killer doll since the very first M3GAN trailer dropped, and now it might be happening.

At this point, Chucky himself is practically horror royalty. Introduced in the original Child’s Play movie, this character started out as a psycho killer who used voodoo magic to transfer his consciousness into a doll. The doll has been seemingly destroyed again and again, but like the best horror icons, Chucky keeps coming back for more murderous mayhem.

M3GAN, meanwhile, is a bit different: rather than embodying a human consciousness, the M3GAN movie shows that she is an artificially intelligent doll who goes on a killing spree once she becomes self-aware. If you’re comparing Chucky vs. M3GAN regarding the character’s motivations, they are a bit like two sides of the same coin. He’s a human who became a doll and she’s a doll that became a bit too human, but both of them discover that nothing gives them pleasure quite like sadistically murdering as many people as they can.


In other words, the two of these characters would be well-matched in an onscreen showdown, but what are the odds of Chucky vs. M3GAN actually happening? The odds are better than you might think because both properties belong to NBCUniversal, so there would be no complex negotiations necessary to arrange a cinematic showdown. Weirdly enough, that showdown would fit right in with the kind of existential crisis that Chucky is undergoing in the third season of his hit television show.

We still don’t know whether Chucky vs. M3GAN would play out as a movie, a spinoff series, or just a Chucky cameo, but we’re pretty excited by the idea.

If you haven’t been watching, the latest season explores the idea that the once seemingly-immortal killer doll is starting to suddenly age and even seems to be dying. According to Don Mancini, Chucky vs. M3GAN makes sense because a more vulnerable Chucky must now “contend with legitimate new contenders to the throne like M3GAN and Annabelle.” Don’t expect Chucky to go soft, though: Mancini points out that while they love to “give this off-the-wall character a crisis that has the sting of real pain and real life,” the whole thing “just makes him angrier and you know what happens when Chucky gets angry.”

Chucky is facing an existential crisis in the latest season of his series, which sets him up for a showdown with M3GAN, his replacement.

We still don’t know whether Chucky vs. M3GAN would play out as a movie, a spinoff series, or just a Chucky cameo, but we’re pretty excited by the idea. When Freddy vs. Jason came out, it was hilariously entertaining while respecting and honoring the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises. We can only hope that this new title bout will be equally entertaining, but you should know that we’re placing our bets on Chucky: after all, he is our “friend ‘til the end.”