Terrifier Director Resurrecting Friday The 13th?

By Britta DeVore | Published

Damien Leone is such a talented horror director that he knows exactly what to do to make an audience have a visceral, vomit-filled, reaction to a film – that is, if they can even stay in the cinema for that long. Known for his vision behind the Terrifier franchise, Leone says that, should he be given the opportunity, he would love to helm the next title in the Friday the 13th franchise.

While there is no ball rolling on such a production, Leone told /Film that he’s gone “on record” several times, dropping his name where and when he can to make sure everyone knows that he calls dibs.

Friday The 13th’s Jason Voorhees Is Terrifier Director Damien Leone’s Favorite Slasher Icon

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Calling Friday the 13th’s masked antagonist, Jason Voorhees, his “favorite slasher,” Leone says that the franchise has been his favorite one of the slasher genre since he “was a little kid.” And, while there have been numerous off-shoots, including a completely unrelated television series, Leone says that his vision for the project would keep it classic, taking audiences back to the ‘80s for a retro vibe. “I would try and make him as scary as possible because I feel like that’s something they kind of lost as the movies went along,” Leone adds.

Leone’s Work On Terrifier Makes Him A Viable Candidate To Reboot Friday The 13th

Knowing the harrowing journey that Leone and the rest of the team behind the Terrifier franchise have taken viewers on alongside Art the Clown, there’s no doubt that the filmmaker would put the fear back into the Friday the 13th franchise. And, even though there aren’t any plans for Jason Vorhees to come back to screens with a sharpened machete, the fact that Leone is staying busy with Terrifier 3 puts him in a terrific spot as far as future visibility is concerned.

Terrifier 3 Is Scheduled To Release In 2024

Expected to arrive in 2024, Terrifier 3 will pick up with David Howard Thornton’s Art the Clown as he goes on yet another blood-filled slasher spree. Continuing to cheat death and terrorize unsuspecting victims, audiences can look forward to new and inventive kills from Art in the upcoming installment. With Terrifier 3 being the only thing on Leone’s docket (for now), that leaves all the time in the world for him to make the jump into the Friday the 13th franchise.

The Last Friday The 13th Film Came Out In 2009

Beyond Damien Leone’s involvement in the story of Jason Vorhees, it’s almost been 15 years since someone has tackled another Friday the 13th project. While some may be wondering why this is considering the number of sequels and offshoots the franchise has seen, the hold-up on more of the hockey-masked slasher is due to the ongoing legal dispute between screenwriter Victor Miller and director/producer Sean S. Cunningham. 

A Prequel Series Also Arrives In 2024

But, audiences can still expect to be transported back to the world of Friday the 13th soon via A24 and Bryan Fuller’s Crystal Lake, a prequel series expected to arrive sometime in 2024. Very little is known about the show, including a specific plot, how it will tie in with the slasher franchise, and where it will pick up with the story. As far as the cast is concerned, the only member so far to be revealed is the franchise’s final girl favorite, Adrienne King, which is a great start.