Boy Meets World Star Ben Savage Is Running For A Major Political Seat

Ben Savage of Boy Meets World fame has filed to run for Congress.

By Jennifer Asencio | Updated

Ben Savage is planning on going from meeting the world to meeting the people. Comicbook reports that the star from Boy Meets World has filed to run for Congress as the representative of California’s 30th district. This post covers the Los Angeles area as well as West Hollywood and Burbank and is currently represented by Adam Schiff.

Ben Savage has grown beyond being the younger brother of the star of The Wonder Years. Boy Meets World aired for over 150 episodes and became such a fixture in the youth of so many people that a sequel series about the characters, called Girl Meets World and following their children, was produced for the Disney Channel for three seasons. The sequel gathered the young stars of the original show and created storylines about them as adults with children of their own who are coming of age in a new time with new situations and issues.

This is also not the first bid Ben Savage has made for a political seat. The actor ran last year for the Los Angeles City Council, but was defeated, tying for seventh place with 6.3 percent of the votes. He also did not run merely on the strength of being a celebrity, holding a platform of providing assistance to the homeless, strengthening the city’s economy, and fighting for affordable rent and better public safety.

The House of Representatives seat Ben Savage is after is currently held by famous Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff, but the retirement of Senator Dianne Feinstein has left an opening for her position. It is rumored that Schiff will try for the Senate position, leaving his hotly contested House of Representatives chair available for whoever can secure the vote. Ben Savage faces stiff competition in this election, as the Los Angeles metro district has also been highly influential on the national stage, with both Schiff and Feinstein as vocal members of the legislative branch of the federal government.

Since Representatives for the House are elected every two years and the last Congressional election for the 30th District was in 2022, it may be a while before Ben Savage can count his votes. However, the vacancy left by Adam Schiff will need to be filled if the Congressman can succeed in his bid for Senate. Dianne Feinstein’s term as Senator ends in 2025, making the 2024 election the one to watch to see if Ben Savage succeeds.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel on Girl Meets World

If elected, Ben Savage will join a host of celebrities who entered the political arena. Fellow California residents Sonny Bono and Clint Eastwood were both elected to the local and federal government, and Ronald Reagan became governor of California and then the 40th President of the United States after 83 acting credits and a stint as president of the Screen Actors Guild. Arnold Schwarzenegger also took a hiatus from acting to perform duties as governor of California.

Whether Ben Savage wins the congressional district seat or not, the fact that he is so active in politics and local concerns is a glimpse into the strength of his character. Will Boy Meets Congress be his next spin-off series? Only voters in the 30th congressional district can tell us, and we will have to wait for the 2024 election to find out.