Batwoman Star Takes A Side Regarding Ruby Rose Allegations

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

batwoman ruby rose

Ruby Rose took to social media this week in what appeared, at first, like a scathing takedown of folks over at Warner Bros. for their treatment of her on the set of Batwoman. Rose parted the show after one season, and at the time, it was reported she and the studio had come to a mutual decision about her not continuing on. Her postings made it appear that was anything but the case. Though one Batwooman co-star did jump in with an opinion on the situation and appears to have clearly taken the side of the studio in this one. 

In responding to the Ruby Rose dustup, Batwoman series regular Camrus Johnson took to Twitter to weigh in on what was happening and to possibly set the record straight when it came to Rose’s employment on the show. Unlike other “statements” typically aired around these kinds of things, Johnson cut right to the chase with how he saw the situation. From his words, it’s pretty clear that the decision for Rose to leave the show wasn’t a mutual one, but that she was clearly “fired” from the gig. He even expanded a little on how he saw things. Check it out:

Camrus Johnson was responding to a couple of lengthy social media posts made by Ruby Rose in recent days that aired out some of her thoughts about her time on Batwoman. In Rose’s postings, she detailed a number of different incidents that led to her leaving the show. She described being injured on set and also other things that befell the cast and crew while she was there. There were a number of different allegations levied and she clearly thought that, in terms of her employment, some injustices occurred. She also accused Batwoman regular Dougray Scott of inappropriate behavior on the set of the show. The latter has denied the claims. 

Camrus Johnson obviously sees this situation completely different than Ruby Rose and really doesn’t mix words at all about it. He says she was “fired” though then leaves it up to interpretation about what would have had to have transpired in order for it to go down like that. Without going into detail, he said that firing the lead of the show after one season would have to mean the situation had deteriorated significantly. From production and contractual standpoints, he isn’t wrong there. That is Batwoman independent. It’s rare to have the lead of a series change after only one season. You can see some of Rose’s thoughts on all of this below.

Ruby Rose did not continue on as Kate Kane/ Batwoman after the first season of the CW series. Rose had suffered injuries while filming the first season, and it was thought, at the time that this was the reasoning for her not returning for the second season. The show dealt with her absence by first appearing to kill off the Kane character in a plane crash, though they then brought her “back” in an altered appearance with the actress Wallis Day taking over the role. Batwoman, the character, was recast with Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder. Camrus Johnson plays Luke Fox/ Batwing on the series.