Aaron Paul Returning As Jesse From Breaking Bad, See First Look

Aaron Paul is back as Jesse from Breaking Bad in a new Super Bowl ad, and we have the first look.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Although Aaron Paul stated that he is done portraying Jesse from Breaking Bad, it appears that he is going to portray the character for one final time. Both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are set to appear in a Super Bowl commercial for an ad being put together by Popcorners. The new ad teaser, which you can see below, shows Paul’s Jesse Pinkman sitting in the desert as he gets a call — presumably from Walter White.

Popcorners has been doing a stellar job at promoting itself, which is going to surely be a hit for those who are fans of the series. We have already seen Bryan Cranston dressed in his iconic Heisenberg outfit, but now we get to see Aaron Paul in his hazmat suit, sitting next to the iconic Winnebago from Breaking Bad. We are not entirely sure how the commercial is going to portray both actors, but we cannot wait to see it.

Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprised their characters in Breaking Bad during an episode of Better Call Saul, as the events of the original series finally crossed paths with the prequel events that detail Saul Goodman’s life. After that, Paul mentioned that he was done playing the character, though he might have taken up this Popcorners ad for a little fun.

To be honest, the Super Bowl commercials in the last few years have been a bit underwhelming, so we are even more excited to see what is going to happen between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Also, this is presumably going to be the final time we see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as their Breaking Bad characters. Granted, Paul said he was done portraying Jesse, only to return some months later for this new ad.

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To his credit, Aaron Paul is portraying his Breaking Bad character for a simple ad, and he is not going to be acting as Jesse in anything substantial. Whatever happens, we imagine the pair are going to start “cooking” up some Popcorners recipe. We would imagine that Walter is going to be the chemist behind these new chips, and he calls Jesse to cut him into the deal and help with the cook.

This is just speculation, as we have no idea how Aaron Paul is going to be used, or how Breaking Bad ties into the ad completely. All we know is that both gentlemen are going to be in something quite humorous. That is what we are hoping for at least, considering Breaking Bad and chips don’t exactly go together.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston turned Breaking Bad into one of the most successful shows in the history of television, and it happens to be the best show in many people’s minds. Though neither of them is defined by those roles, we would imagine they are asked plenty of times to return to the roles, which we now get to see them do. Everyone can watch this new Popcorners ad when it debuts during the Super Bowl, which we would imagine might happen around half-time.