A Quiet Place 3 Raises Serious Concerns For Star

By Apeksha Bagchi | Updated

Of late, Hollywood has been busy churning out some pretty amazing and of course, downright terrifying horror films set in post-apocalyptic worlds where either some virus or an army of extraterrestrial creatures have taken over Earth and wiped off a major chunk of the human population. The John Krasinski directed A Quiet Place and its recently released sequel obviously occupies one of the top ranks in terms of inducing a bone-chilling terror with its giant alien creatures, deadly bear traps, feral humans, and other frightful pieces. And yet, one of the stars of the films is afraid of the extreme horrors A Quiet Place 3 is waiting to unleash and the fact that none of the characters (even the ones we think are undoubtedly safe) are off the kill list. 

We aren’t at A Quiet Place 3 yet, but last we saw the Abbott family, they had been separated from each other. While Regan and Emmett (Cillian Murphy), an old family friend, finally find the island where the rest of the survivors are hiding and discover another weakness of the aliens i.e., they can’t swim, Marcus (Noah Jupe), Evelyn (Emily Blunt), and her newborn baby are stuck at Emmett’s hideout in the steel foundry. Both sides are attacked by the alien creatures who are once again defeated, thanks to the high-pitched frequency Regan discovered in A Quiet Place.

Currently, the fate of the Abbott family is still up for a debate- will Evelyn and her two kids manage to leave the foundry, will Regan come back for them, is there some way to defeat the aliens, etc. And Millicent Simmonds who plays Regan Abbott has revealed that when it comes to A Quiet Place 3, she is very concerned about the future of the characters who have managed to stay alive till now. 

In a chat with Metro.co.uk, Simmonds shared that even though she has not “heard anything” related to A Quiet Place 3 or the spin-off which was recently greenlit, she definitely has “serious concerns” about the fate of Regan and other characters in the next film. While the first film in the series debuted deadly alien creatures who devour humans, the sequel took it up by several notches when it introduced equally deadly bear traps (one in which little Marcus got trapped in A Quiet Place 2) and a trapper cult.

And Simmonds is not the only one worrying about what new horrors the third film might have up its sleeve as she had engaged in “in-depth discussions” with Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe about their characters’ future, wondering “What could be worse than a bear trap?” Considering the constant rise in the perilous situations the characters have been in so far, there is definitely a lot that Krasinski can cook up for the next film. 

Even though Paramount Pictures is yet to give its nod of approval to A Quiet Place 3, Emily Blunt has recently revealed to Collider that John Krasinski already has a couple of “great ideas” for what next happens to the surviving members of the Abbott family. Going by the fact that the second film has been a success despite the lukewarm state of the pandemic-hit box office, it goes without saying that the fate of the Abbott’s will definitely receive a proper conclusion in the future.