Tom Holland’s Age, Height And Relationship With Zendaya Explained

Tom Holland's actual height is 5'8", but he's dating Zendaya who is 5'10" tall. As of 2022, Holland is 26-years-old.

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

Over the past six years, Tom Holland has reached new heights, becoming one of the most iconic and popular superheroes of all time. As your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Mr. Holland has grown into his Spider-Man costume in leaps, flips, and bounds.

Although Tom Holland, from an age and height perspective, can pull off the high school student Peter Parker, he is most definitely not high school age in real life.


Zendaya and Tom Holland

Thankfully Tom Holland’s height is of no concern to his girlfriend Zendaya and her “towering” over him doesn’t seem to phase him either. After years of telling the world that they were simply best friends, the two finally confirmed what everyone knew – they were a couple. He confirmed as much on September 1, 2021, Zendaya’s 25th birthday.

It was probably the worst kept secret, which is strange because keeping secrets is the one thing that Tom Holland simply cannot do. It is nice, though, to see the young couple keep it real and keep their romance going, especially in Hollywood where ongoing feuds (Captain Jack and Mera) continue to dominate headlines. We’re pulling for Spidey and MJ. Tom Holland’s height


Not only does Tom Holland have to be concerned with his age while portraying Spider-Man, but also Tom Holland’s height. As many of us know, guys typically go through their growth spurts in high school. Thankfully, by the time Mr. Holland nailed his role as Peter Parker, he had already moved through the growth portion of his young life. Tom Holland’s height is 5 foot 8 inches (5’8”), With Tom Holland’s slightly below average height, he is able to keep that youthful appearance as a high schooler, especially when surrounded by high schoolers on film.

It does, though, make for some interesting photo ops, as Tom Holland’s height is something he feels insecure about. “I’d do this thing on red carpets where I would stand closer to the photographers than the people behind me [to look taller],” he explained to GQ. “I cannot do anything about my (Tom Holland) height.” So, how does this work with his gal pal Zendaya, who stands a full 2-inches taller than him? Is Tom Holland’s height considered a problem where that relationship is concerned?


Tom Holland is 26-years-old now, but he started his career at the age of 9 when he was enrolled in a dancing class. While in class, he was noticed by a choreographer who then set up the young Holland for an audition for Billy Elliot the Musical.

Two years of training later saw him secure a supporting role, which eventually led Mr. Holland to the starring role. Tom Holland wasn’t at the height of his powers yet but maintained the lead for two years.

Tom Holland made his feature film debut in the tragic The Impossible, opposite Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. Here, Tom Holland’s height and age helped him seeing as how he was playing the couple’s child.

The film told the story of a vacationing family in Thailand who are caught in the death and destruction of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. But this is where Tom Holland’s ability to play “younger” set him up for future roles, most importantly Spider-Man.

tom holland height as a child
Tom Holland in The Impossible

In The Impossible, Mr. Holland was to portray a very young teenager. Tom Holland’s age was actually 16 when he got the role, but it was his youthful appearance that helped win over director J.A. Bayona.

It was also a letter Bayona had Tom Holland write to his mother and then recite to him during the audition that clinched the role. This wasn’t Tom Holland’s ultimate height in his career, but it was starting to get close.

Mr. Holland’s ability to play young helped tremendously in playing Spider-Man. The first time he put on his Spidey tights was in Captain America: Civil War and Tom Holland was 20 years old. As we all know, Peter Parker was still in high school when that pesky spider bit him.

It was in this movie that we started getting a clearer sense of Tom Holland’s height, being cast alongside Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and other Marvel legends.

Since that first appearance, Tom Holland has played Peter Parker/Spider-Man five more times, two in Avengers films (Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame) plus three solo films – Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home (Tom Holland’s fame had reached apex heights).

He has also appeared in the Venom: Let There Be Carnage mid-credits scene. Each time, though, he continues to play a high school-aged Peter Parker. For Tom Holland, age 26, that’s pretty impressive. Tom Holland was at the height of his career with Marvel as the web-slinger.


As for what won him the title of the new Spider-Man, Mr. Holland says it was his audition with Robert Downey Jr. He explained to actor Daniel Kaluuya (Judas and the Black Messiah) during their conversation on Variety’s Actors on Actors that he felt his “riffing” with Downey Jr. was something, in retrospect, that pushed it over the top for him. At the time, though, he felt he lost the part.

“It’s weird,” he said to Kaluuya via Variety. “The audition process was horrible. It was seven months of auditioning. I must’ve done six auditions, and they don’t tell you anything.” He then explained the process where he and six others met with Downey Jr. and the producers for his screen test. He said his agent warned him that Marvel likes actors to learn their words exactly and that going off-script is not advised. But, he says, “on the first take, Downey just completely changed the scene. We started riffing with each other, and I mean, to sound like a bit of a dick, I rang my mum afterward and was like, ‘I think I’ve got it.’”

He waited six weeks. Then, he was called back in to perform a fight scene with Captain America, Chris Evans. Here Tom Holland’s height could have been an issue seeing as how Evans stands 6’0″. Holland said, “They flew us back to Atlanta, me and one other guy, and we did this scene, which was so surreal,” Holland says. By that time, Mr. Holland was so happy with how far he had gotten in the audition process that if he didn’t end up getting the role, the experience itself was enough for him.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man steals Captain America’s shield

Still, no word. So, he thought he had lost the part since the studio hadn’t called him. He said he got onto his phone to check Instagram and saw that Marvel had posted a picture of Spider-Man. He went to his computer, typed in Marvel, and saw the article that would change his life. It said they (Sony) “would like to introduce our new Spider-Man, Tom Holland.”

Even throughout the filming of Civil War, Mr. Holland wasn’t comfortable knowing if he’d continue on as Spider-Man or not. “I was convinced they were going to fire me,” Holland tells Kaluuya. “I don’t know why. Civil War hadn’t come out yet, and I just didn’t hear anything from anyone. I can’t really explain it. It was awful, but they didn’t — obviously.