Tim Allen Gets Support From The Most Unlikely Person Amid Flashing Allegations

Tim Allen's flashing incident with Pamela Anderson was defended by none other than Pamela Anderson herself.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

Pamela Anderson defends Home Improvement star Tim Allen for exposing himself to her despite being the one to bring up the allegations in the first place. “Tim is a comedian, it’s his job to cross the line. I’m sure he had no bad intentions.” Anderson told Variety in a text.

The initial allegations came from an excerpt from the upcoming Pamela Anderson tell-all memoir Love, Pamela. In the book, the Baywatch actress claims that when she was 23, Allen approached her wearing a robe and nothing else. The voice of Buzz Lightyear then proceeded to flash his genitalia at Anderson.

Anderson explains in the memoir that it was her first day on the set of Home Improvement, and Allen’s inappropriate icebreaker was apparently an attempt to even the score. The actor essentially told Pamela that since he had seen her naked, she might as well see him naked.

The Galaxy Quest actor was most likely referring to Anderson’s appearances in Playboy, where the actress posed nude several times starting in 1989. Those photoshoots and a starring role in Baywatch made Pamela Anderson the hottest sex symbol of the ’90s. Unfortunately, Anderson’s sex-positive attitude led many fans to treat her more like an object to fantasize over than a real person and Tim Allen was apparently no exception.

Pamela might have defended Allen’s actions as the work of a comedian, but they didn’t exactly tickle her funny bone. The actress admits that she “laughed uncomfortably” during the awkward encounter, no doubt afraid of angering her new boss on her first day on set by acting upset.

Anderson is quick to admit that Tim Allen’s casual sexual misconduct wouldn’t fly today. “I doubt anyone would try that post #MeToo. It’s a new world.” she wrote in her text. Indeed the #MeToo hashtag has led to much of the sexual harassment ingrained in the very fabric of Hollywood to be exposed finally.

Tim Allen is no stranger to controversy. The actor, born Timothy Alan Dick, served jail time for cocaine trafficking before changing his name and rebranding himself from a drug dealer to a standup comedian. In recent years, Allen has found himself in hot water over his conservative leanings and vocal support of the Republican party.

Sadly, the flashing incident is just one of many indignities Pamela Anderson has had to endure throughout her career. The most recent was the Hulu series Pam &Tommy, a fictionalized account of what happened when a sex tape that Anderson made on her honeymoon with then-husband Tommy Lee of Motley Crue was leaked to the public.

Anderson wasn’t consulted before or during the production of the Hulu series that brought one of the most embarrassing moments of her life back to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Pamela hasn’t watched a minute of the series and doesn’t ever plan to. She described the series as “salt on the wound” and went so far as to demand a public apology from Hulu.

Thankfully, Pamela Anderson is nothing if not a survivor. Anderson has worked hard to overcome incidents like the one involving Tim Allen but doesn’t dwell on them or blame them for making her something she’s not. In Pamela’s own words: “I’m not a victim, and I’m not the damsel in distress.”