See Sofia Vergara In A Revealing Green Bikini

By David Harrison | Published

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Look, when you were the highest-paid actress for a number of years on one of the most successful sitcoms ever, you are going to have a pretty huge social media following if you want one. And that’s just what’s happened for Sofia Vergara who’s stayed incredibly active on Instagram over the years and has millions of fans following there. Sometimes she’s posting the latest happenings in her life, but there are times when it’s more of a blast-from-the-past type of situation. And that was definitely the case this weekend when Sofia Vergara put up a picture of herself from a few years ago rocking a very revealing bikini.

Sofia Vergara didn’t say when the Instagram photo was originally taken, though she did give the hashtag #tb letting on that this was definitely a throwback. And one can tell just from the clarity of the shot and the colors that it wasn’t recent. Oh, and she looks considerably younger as well. So it’s all there. The Instagram shot has her in a green string bikini with a see-through shirt over the top (but barely). The post has garnered significant attention on the social media platform and it’s easy to see why. Check out what Sofia Vergara had as the throwback post. And then start hoping she puts up more of these.

As of this writing, Sofia Vergara’s Instagram post had over 123,000 likes with a number of comments ringing in praise for the actress. No real surprise there. Vergara’s account is active and fans have flocked to see what she would post next. Recently, it was pictures of her 50th birthday party that had the actress out to dinner with friends and family. And before that Sofia Vergara posted 4th of July shots of her in the pool. One was of the sillier type with Vergara trying to get on top of an Inflatabull pool accessory. Spoiler alert: it didn’t go all that well.

Over the years, Sophia Vergara has developed a substantial Instagram account with over 26 million followers and 5,000 posts. This is outside the top 50 most followed accounts on Instagram, but still an impressive number all things considered. She remains one of the most popular follows over there. Again, she spent seven years playing Gloria Maria Ramirez Delgado Pritchett on Modern Family and became television’s highest-paid actress during that stint. She received four Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series during that time though never took home the award.

Next up for Sofia Vergara is something of a different turn on the screen. She’ll be playing Griselda Blanco, AKA the Black Widow, a Miami-based drug cartel head who was considered as ruthless as they come during her tenure in that position. From an acting perspective, this role will diverge greatly from the comedic stylings that really put Sofia Vergara on the map. The miniseries began filming earlier this year and is set to hit Netflix. In the meantime, let’s hope for some more throwback Instagram posts from the actress.