See Sofia Vergara Riding A Bull In A Bikini To Celebrate The 4th Of July

Check out the 4th of July Instagram post Sofia Vergara made celebrating the holiday by trying to ride a bull wearing a bikini

By David Harrison | Published

Sofia Vergara

With the 4th of July as a high point of many people’s summer plans, pools, decks, and patios across the country were put into use for a day of barbecuing, relaxing, and reveling in all of the celebratory ways that have become synonymous with the holiday. And, of course, some celebrities had to get in on the action as well. Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to give a little window into how she was spending the day. In some ways, it was just like your typical American piece of the festivities. Except this included a bathing suit, an inflatable bull, and multiple efforts to make just the right shot happen in the correct way. 

With the caption “4th oj (sic) July summer #tb”, Sofia Vergara showed off how she was spending the holiday in the backyard pool wearing a white bathing suit and making multiple attempts at getting on the Inflatabull that really never knew what it had coming. Designed to throw off any pool denizen who actually thinks they can stay on this thing, the pool accessory was an easy match for Sofie Vergara who continued to struggle throughout the whole video. Check out the hijinks the actress posted on Instagram

With more than 2.4 million views already on Instagram, Sofia Vergara has most certainly made a “splash” on the social media platform. Sofia Vergara has more than 26 million followers on Instagram so it’s easy to see why there would be an overwhelming response to really any post. But especially one that has her in a swimsuit and falling all over the place. Some other celebrities were able to ring in with some reactions as well. Notable names who “approved” of the Sofia Vergara video included Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Diego Trujillo, and Jesse Tyler to name a few. 

And this wasn’t the only 4th of July Instagram post from Sofia Vergara, though the other was considerably more tame in its delivery. In that one, she was still in the pool, though significantly more clothed and this time “riding” an inflatable jet ski. You can see that one below but again compared to the attempts to get on the Inflatabull this picture was pretty milquetoast. If you consider wearing fashionable clothes in the middle of the pool on a fake jet ski the kind of thing you get up to for the holiday. Check it out:

Sofia Vergara wrapped up her 250-episode run on Modern Family back in 2020 playing Gloria Maria Ramirez Delgado Pritchett for all 11 seasons of the award-winning and incredibly popular sitcom. Set for life on that performance, she is still heading to the screen for more projects in the future. Next up she’ll play an entirely different character in Griselda in which she’ll play Griselda Blanco who was known as the Black Widow for the brutal way she ran a Miami-based drug cartel for decades. That miniseries is set to come to Netflix sometime next year.