Watch Sofia Vergara Show Off Her Legs In A Sun Dress

Sofia Vergara looks amazing in a sun dress from her own fashion line.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Fans of Sofia Vergara know that the sexy star is no stranger to dropping hot new looks on Instagram. Most recently, she dropped a video where she shows off a new sun dress from her fashion line. And we have to admit: if the goal was to show off how good this clothing can make you look, then this Modern Family star definitely understood the assignment.

If you only know Sofia Vergara from appearances in movies and television shows, you might not realize that she is an ambitious mogul and entrepreneur. The new sun dress she unveiled is one that will be exclusively sold at Walmart, which is also the exclusive retailer of her popular Sofia Jeans. On top of that, she has partnered with Payless Latin America to design exclusive collections of bags and shoes.

Like most fashion lines, the latest one devised by Sofia Vergara releases different fits for different seasons. Now, we are shifting away from winter and into a warm spring. Accordingly, Vergara decided that this was the time to unleash her spring-themed clothing collection on the world, and if the rest of the line is anything like the cute and colorful sun dress, then this clothing line will be a major hit.

Even though the video clip is very short, it helps Sofia Vergara get her message across in a memorable way. At first, she appears wearing a coat before throwing the dress and her high heels on the ground. After a quick edit, she is now wearing the dress, showing her fans how much fun they can have if they ditch their winter wear and start having fun in the sun.

The background color also helps showcase how good the dress looks. When Sofia Vergara is showing off her latest design, she’s doing so in front of a background with the deep, warm pink of your favorite vaporwave playlist on Youtube. In short, the warm coloration of the background helps further sell us on the idea that winter is ending and that we should be thinking about having some springtime adventures.

sofia vergara

If you thought Sofia Vergara was just taking it easy since the final season of Modern Family, this fashion collection is proof that she has plenty of talent and very little interest in sitting still. For example, she served as a judge for three seasons of America’s Got Talent, helping to discover and nurture talented future stars. And she will be playing the role of famous cocaine trafficker Griselda Blanco in the upcoming Netflix miniseries Griselda.

Beyond that miniseries, it’s not clear what Sofia Vergara has planned for herself and for her career. However, the quiet excellence of her fashion line serves as a reminder that she is immensely talented and has always been more than just a pretty face. Whatever she does, it’s going to be amazing, and when she’s rocking killer clothing like this, it’s a sure bet she’s going to look amazing while she’s doing it.