See Sofia Vergara Wear A Skin-Tight Outfit Laying On A Couch

Sofia Vergara showcased a skin-tight pink outfit while laying on a cream-colored couch.

By James Brizuela | Updated

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara knows how to turn heads with the best of them, as she took to Instagram to show off her colorful personality. The famed actress and host showcased a new image of a cream-colored couch and the skin-tight pink outfit that she chose to wear on the couch while looking rather seductive. Her caption reads, “you can never have too much color,” and we would certainly have to agree with her.

Sofia Vergara stays plenty active on her social media channels, especially on her Instagram, which has led to many likes on her new post. The above images currently have over 85,000 likes, which means that people are loving her color contrasts just as much as we are. The comments are filled with people using the heart-eye emoji and relaying that she is a goddess, which we would certainly have to agree with.

As previously mentioned, Sofia Vergara is currently an actress and a judge, as she splits her time between acting and appearing on the hit America’s Got Talent show. Vergara joined the show as a judge during Season 15, and she has been indoctrinated as a mainstay of the show since then. However, Vergara is not part of the new spinoff, America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.

It could be because Sofia Vergara is currently busy with her acting duties, as she is set to star in Griselda, which is a mini-series being put together by Netflix. The new series will act as a biopic and is about the most ruthless drug queenpin the world has ever seen. Griselda Blanco was a drug lord who worked for the Medellín Cartel, and Vergara is meant to showcase part of her life in this new true crime series.

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara has been busy shooting the series for quite some time, and per IMDb, the series is now in the post-production stages. So far, we have only been able to see Vergara in some photos of her as the character, though we are all hoping to see a trailer sometime soon. With the series in post-production, we could be seeing the trailer in the coming weeks, and the series making its debut in late 2023.

This is the biggest project that Sofia Vergara has going for her right now, but we would imagine that she is just biding her time until America’s Got Talent calls. Though she is not part of the new spin-off, she is likely to be asked back for Season 18 of the main show, as she has been one of the most welcomed judges the series has seen.

Everyone is also patiently waiting to see Sofia Vergara in Griselda, as this could be her breakout into more serious and bigger roles. Vergara has proven many times over that she is a great actress, as she has won Emmys for her performances in Modern Family. We can’t wait to see what she does next, and love that she continually updates fans with her gorgeous images on Instagram.