See Salma Hayek In A Gorgeous White Dress

Take a look at Salma Hayek in a beautiful white dress as she stops to think about smelling the roses in life

By David Harrison | Published

salma hayek

In this day and age, seeing a celebrity’s age can be a bit disconcerting. That’s because back in the day, when folks hit their mid-50s it was usually a foregone conclusion that retirement was just around the corner and an old folk’s community was the next stop. But not today folks, not by a long shot. Now it seems like your 50s are the new 30s and stars like Salma Hayek are out there defying age curves with relative ease. A simple trip through her Instagram feed tells a lot of the story there with the stunner posting pics that make you wonder if there is actually a fountain of youth out there and whether she actually found it. Check out the picture of Salma Hayek not letting life slip past her as she stops and smells the roses (literally). 

For this picture, Salma Hayek says she was celebrating a book release from Edward Enniful. He is the Editor-in-chief for the British arm of Vogue as well as the European editor for Conde Nast. His book A Visible Man is a memoir about his life in the media and in the world of fashion. It apparently details his incredible story as a Ghanan refugee who worked his way to the top of the media in the field of fashion. Early reviews have been very strong for the book. And Salma Hayek is clearly a fan. Whether her Instagram picture was at the actual event for the book release or just paying tribute to the story told isn’t clear. Regardless, it is a positive message for anyone out there listening and reading. 

And plenty of people caught up with the Salma Hayek post for sure. As of this writing, there were more than 94,000 likes on Instagram admittedly with more folks ringing in about Hayek’s actual photo than with praise of the book. With more than 21.6 million followers on the social media platform, there are plenty of eyeballs on a post like this one and Hayek has been known to deliver in the past as well. Even recent shots have her partying in a number of summer tropical locations in a variety of different swim outfits. Though it should be noted that this is the second time in the last couple of weeks that she’s promoted Enniful’s memoir. She’s clearly wanting to get the word out on that one. 

On the acting side, Salma Hayek is coming off roles in House of Gucci and The Eternals in the last year or so and has a couple of new ones on the way shortly. The first will be a return to the partnership with Antonio Banderas in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. It will conclude the trilogy of movies for that titular character. And there’s also Without Blood and Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The latter will cap off that trilogy of movies as well. She took over for Thandie Newton after an alleged blowup with star Channing Tatum. So Hayek is firing on all cylinders while also making sure to stop and smell the roses.