See Salma Hayek Go Retro In A Skin-Tight Bodysuit

Salma Hayek looks fantastic in a feather-trimmed bodysuit.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

salma hayek

Salma Hayek is as much a style icon as she is an acclaimed actress, as able to show off scandalous red carpet looks as she is arresting performances in movies like Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. In this particular image, the Marvel star is wearing a 1970s-style bodysuit and smiling widely, which, we would also likely be pretty happy if we looked like that. It was posted to Salma Hayek’s Instagram account just recently and we are just happy she is on social media.

In the post, Salma Hayek is squatting and leaning against a brick wall in what looks like a not-very-glamorous alleyway. Her bodysuit is retro-styled and a deep chocolate color, decorated with a white chainlink pattern, and both the cuffs and the collars are fringed in wild bursts of dark brown feathers. It is a pretty wild look, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Salma Hayek.

The caption to the post on her very popular Instagram account (which currently has an astonishing 22 million followers) reads, “You might think this situation is strange unless you’re claustrophobic like I am,” and repeated in Spanish. It is a little difficult to parse out the exact meaning of those words without a lot more context, but that is what Salma Hayek decided to give us, so that is what it is.

While Salma Hayek undeniably looks great in 1970s-era fashion, she also seems to have a fondness for dramatic, revealing gowns. For example, this black ruffle-and-lace gown with corset also made its way to her social media grid, while this sparkling, mermaid-like Gucci gown did the same. All we can say is, that woman is very versatile.

Currently, Salma Hayek is in theaters as Kitty Softpaws in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, reprising the voice role from 2011’s Shrek spin-off film Puss in Boots. The animated movie also reunites her with her frequent co-star Antonio Banderas (as the titular swashbuckling feline), who she has worked with numerous times since her 1995 breakout film Desperado. While nothing is going to topple Avatar: The Way of Water from the top of the box office any time soon, the movie has been holding strong on its own and in fact is currently beating James Cameron’s sci-fi epic on Rotten Tomatoes.

Salma Hayek will next be starring in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the concluding film in the epic saga of Channing Tatum dancing with very little clothing on. Hayek and Tatum have already released several images from the new film that can only be described as steamy, though the Mexican-American actress described the process as “very physically challenging.”

salma hayek

There is no word from Marvel Studios as of yet whether we will see the Eternals from their self-titled 2021 show up again anytime soon, and Salma Hayek’s character Ajak with them. While the murder of her character might have kicked off the action of the film, it turns out they can return again and again, so maybe we’ll get a little Salma Hayek in Secret Wars along with everyone else.