Nick Cannon Allegedly Pays A Staggering Amount In Child Support, Now Expecting His 12th Kid

Nick Cannon allegedly pays $3 million a year in child support payments and has a 12th kid on the way.

By Mark McKee | Published

If you have lost count of how many children Nick Cannon has, you would be forgiven, he has had more children in the last decade than there have been Academy Awards, and he’s had more kids in the previous two years than there have been political arguments on TikTok. Cannon, who is historically best known for being the host of shows like Wild N’ Out and The Masked Singer, has become more known for his apparent attempt at starting his own colony with an announcement of a new baby every few months. The seven children he has had with different women in the last two years have been the reason he continues to remain in the spotlight, more than his hosting. But the lifestyle has its cost, as a report for the U.S. Sun suggests the celebrity could be paying $3 million a year in child support. 

The report came from the consultation of California practicing family law attorney and legal expert Goldie Schon, who says that with Nick Cannon being such a high-value earner, estimated to take home $5 million a year, the courts will often deviate from the standard California practice for special circumstance. The practice doesn’t take into account the net worth of the father, in Cannon’s case upwards of $20 million, instead only focuses on the take home, about 1/4 of that; the practice then looks to make the mother’s lifestyle on par with the father’s, presumably to keep the parents on an even playing field when fighting for custody. In Cannon’s case, that means paying many of the mothers of his now 12 children in the ballpark of $40,000 a month. Schon teased that being the mother of a celebrity’s child is a good living if you can get into it. 

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Nick Cannon made his splash as an actor in 2002 when he played Devon Miles in the movie Drumline and followed it up with the comedy Love Don’t Cost A Thing. His role in Bobby got him a nod from the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2007 and a Breakthrough Actor of the Year Award at the Cannes Film Festival. He had a short music stint that saw little success before turning to television hosting, where he landed the gig on America’s Got Talent from 2009-2016. 

The host became a father for the first time with ex-wife and musical superstar Mariah Carey; twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott were born in 2011. He then had a son and daughter with model Brittany Bell and on June 14, 2021, model and DJ De La Rosa welcomed twin boys Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon to the world. Only nine days after the second set of twins, he welcomed his seventh child, a son named Zen, with model Alyssa Scott. The boy tragically died five months later. His eighth was a son with model Bre Tiesi, his ninth was a daughter with model LaNisha Cole, and his tenth was a third child with Bell. 

Just as Abby De La Rosa gave birth to his eleventh child, Nick Cannon announced that he is expecting his twelfth. While it may seem odd to many people to have this many children with multiple partners, Cannon himself has said that he wants a big family, and there doesn’t seem to be any public drama surrounding the mothers. One thing is for sure though; he better hold on tight to the hosting gigs if he is going to pay $3 million a year in child support.