Ryan Reynolds Trolls Nick Cannon Following News He’s Expecting 11th Child

Ryan Reynolds quoted Jaws while trolling Nick Cannon for news of his 11th child.

By James Brizuela | Published

Ryan Reynolds is as good at making jokes on Twitter as Nick Cannon is at having kids, and Reynolds took the opportunity to take a friendly jab at Cannon, who is now expecting his 11th child with model, Alyssa Scott. Reynolds took to Twitter to post about it while putting a spin on a famous line from Jaws. Instead of the famous, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” Reynolds hilarious stated, “We’re gonna need a bigger bottle.”

Naturally, Ryan Reynolds isn’t indicating that 11 children is more dangerous than a giant man-eating shark, or maybe he is? Having a few kids is a handful for any parents, but 11 is an entirely different level of parenthood that we would never want to experience ourselves. Despite having so many children, Nick Cannon seems to be content with having more, as he seems to be announcing the births of new children practically every single year at this point.

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Nick Cannon did an interview with People earlier in 2022, where he stated that he still gets nervous every time he has a child. He also simply stated that, “I’m so excited about all my kids.” That is certainly the best way to look at it, despite having to deal with 11 different personalities, which is something that the man is excited about, and something we think Ryan Reynolds might continue to take subtle jabs at.

Ryan Reynolds has his own children, so we doubt the above jab was something malicious or spiteful, but it was just a well-placed joke. We think that Reynolds might take the joke a bit farther by putting together a massive baby bottle for Nick Cannon, which likely is never to happen, but the imagery is fun to think about. Reynolds could even present the giant bottle as a gift if he were to be invited as a guest on any number of Cannon’s projects.

Nick Cannon and Scott tragically lost a child in December of 2021, as their baby Zen had been diagnosed and lost a battle with brain cancer. However, now that the pair is going to be having their second child together, we would imagine that the house is going to be filled with a great deal of love. We wonder if Ryan Reynolds knows that fact and given the nature of the good guy that Reynolds is, we would assume he has reached out with plenty of support of Cannon as well.

Despite the tragedy that took place, Cannon has welcomed a new baby into his growing family, and Ryan Reynolds celebrated that news in his own way. We would expect the sarcastic actor is going to be waiting in the wings to throw out more jokes when Cannon announces another child on the way.

Ryan Reynolds is always the funny man, and he is set to showcase more of that same sarcastic humor in Spirited, which is a musical starring himself and Will Ferrell. The take on the classic Charles Dickens story is set to debut on AppleTV on November 11th, and the trailer for the movie has already been released. Maybe Reynolds can convince Nick Cannon to name his next boy, Tiny Tim, which would be quite the name.