A Missing Drunk Man Accidentally Joined His Own Search Party

A missing drunk man was able to find himself after joining his own search party. It was a hilariously embarrassing set of events for the guy

By Doug Norrie | Published

missing drink man

You are out for a night on the town, tipping a few (or a lot) back, and end up getting tipsy enough to wander into a nearby forest. We’ve all been there, right? Well, recently a man took the time-honored drunk walk a step further by actually joining a search party that was looking for, none other than, him. This is one of those situations in which it’s hard to tell if the missing drunk man was so blitzed that he didn’t realize folks were looking for him, or so sober that it was inconceivable that he could be lost. 

According to Vice News, the incident in question went down in Turkey when a local dude, Beyhan Mutlu, was out on the town kibitzing with friends at some local watering holes. Near the end of the night instead of stumbling home, the missing drunk man stumbled into a nearby forest and didn’t emerge. This had his friends concerned and they ended up calling the local authorities. A search party was formed and folks started combing the forest and around the town looking for the man. It’s a good group of friends that would help everyone mobilize so quickly. 

But the hilarity really ensued a few hours later when they were actually able to find their missing drunk man. Or in this way, Mutlu was able to find himself. At some point during the search, Mutlu joined the group looking for the missing person. It’s unclear who he thought he was looking for, but he was clearly walking around with the group looking for someone. In the same way that he had a good group of friends looking out for him, Mutlu appears an equally good dude, stumbling out of the first and just joining a local search party for the sheer cooperation involved. 

It was during the part of the search in which the party started yelling out the missing drunk man’s name that Mutlu finally realized what was going on. He heard his name being called by the searching members and woke up to the reality of the situation. It was at this point, maybe embarrassed, maybe not that he informed everyone that he, in fact, had been found. 

Apparently, according to BBC reporting, the missing drunk man was mortified by what had happened, clearly humiliated that he had not only been thought missing but also not with it enough to know he was searching for himself. He pleaded with authorities who were treating him after the incident, “Don’t punish me too harshly, officer. My father will kill me.” Man, what an evening this guy had. 

There are a couple of different lessons here and both are pretty easy to follow. The first is to avoid situations in which you might be the focus of a search party. I.e. don’t be the missing drunk man. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but galavanting into a forest after a night of boozing isn’t the best choice. The other is that if/ when you decide to join a search party for a missing person ask a couple of questions before getting started. Find out the name and maybe scope out a picture of the person, you might find out it’s you and save everyone a bunch of time.