Millie Bobby Brown: Height, Age & Who She Is Marrying

Millie Bobby Brown was born February 19, 2004 and is of roughly average height for a woman at 5'4" tall. Delve in to how her height compares with the rest of the Stranger Things cast below.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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We all know Millie Bobby Brown from a young age as Eleven on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. She became a household name when the series kicked off in 2016 and since then she not only has continued her strong run on the series, but she has been slowly and surely adding to her résumé.

So, how old is the young, talented Brown, and more importantly (tongue in cheek), does she tower over her Stranger Things co-stars?


When Millie Bobby Brown first joined the Stranger Things cast as Eleven, she was a young 12-year-old. Millie Bobby Brown’s age was perfect for her character because the series revolved around four middle school friends who come in contact with Eleven.

By comparison, when the show premiered, Millie’s co-stars were right around the same age. Finn Wolfhard was 12, Noah Schnapp was 11, Caleb McLaughlin was the “old” one of the bunch at 13, and Gaten Matarazzo was also 12 years old.

Millie Bobby Brown’s age is 19 years old and she has grown up in front of our eyes on Stranger Things, as have the rest of the young cast. The problem they all faced, including Millie, is the fact that it had been almost three years since we had seen Eleven and her cohorts go up against the creatures from the Upside Down.

So while the series timeline had then only aged a few months, it was very apparent from the actors’ appearance that more than a few months had passed. Not only had Millie Bobby Brown and others aged, but they have also shown a growth spurt or two.

Millie Bobby Brown’s age doesn’t seem to reflect the immense talent the actress has, and in this way, she’s already well beyond her years on the screen.


As most of the young actors in Stranger Things were pre-teens when the show premiered, they are definitely far from that now. Millie Bobby Brown appears to have maintained her height throughout, as she still stands at a petite 5 feet, 4 inches (5’4”) tall.

By comparison, the boys in the group have grown significantly since the beginning of the series. Standing next to the boys, Millie looks to have shrunk.

The only one who is near Millie Bobby Brown in height is Matarazzo, who stands at 5’5”. Finn Wolfhard has shown the most growth as he now stands at 5’10”. Noah Schapp has hit 5’8.5”, and Caleb McLaughlin is at 5’8”.

This is all a stark contrast to when they all stood eye-to-eye when the series began. It is hard to look past this fact when they are all together on screen since apparently not much time has passed from season one to season four.


Marriage, but no kids. This is how Millie Bobby Brown and her Stranger Things co-star Noah Schapp have described their marriage pact. Both have agreed that “…if we’re not married by 40, we’ll get married… because we’d be good roomies. Completely platonically, we’d be really good roomies,” said Millie via Digital Spy.

Since it would be a completely platonic marriage, there will be no children involved. “No kids though, because I could not deal with a child of yours!” she poked fun at Noah, but he did agree, saying, “That’s my dealbreaker.”

“Yeah, no kids at all,” Millie continued. “Only dogs. And separate bedrooms, for sure. My god, you’re so messy.” After getting the ribbing out of the way, Millie Bobby Brown got serious about why she would make this pact with Noah. “We have built such a friendship together,” Millie shared. “And you’re also one of the longest friends I’ve ever had. I don’t know if you knew that, but like, I didn’t grow up in school so I didn’t have any friends from my childhood. So you are really one of those people for me.”

Chances are they will both be hitched with kids by the time 40 rolls around, but it is always nice to have a plan B. Until then, the pair has season 5 of Stranger Things to deal with and from there, the sky’s the limit.


Over the years, as Millie Bobby Brown has grown up in front of our eyes, we have also been privy to the young men in her life (with apologies to Noah Schapp). In the past, Brown has been linked to Victoria and David Beckham’s son, Romeo Beckham, and also Jacob Sartorius, the musician and YouTube star.

Today, though, and actually for the past couple of years, Millie Bobby Brown has been in a serious relationship with Jacob Hurley Bongiovi.

Now, if “Jake’s” last name has a familiar ring to it, it should. He is the son of legendary rocker, Jon Bon Jovi. At 20 years old, both he and the now 19-year-old Brown are both still too young to legally drink, but they are definitely not too young to be in a relationship. It’s a relationship that the two are not shy about either.

Millie Bobby Brown went on Wired’s YouTube to answer a few questions about herself and one question asked was how she and Jake met. She then tells a tale of romance in today’s world by revealing how they met in one simple, often-used, word – Instagram. “We met on Instagram,” Brown told her Wired fans, “and we were friends for a bit, and then, what can I say?”

Since that time, the two have been inseparable. They have been seen everywhere, from awards shows to trips to distant locales. They made their red carpet debut at the Royal Albert Hall for the EE British Academy Film Awards in 2022. Jake was also Millie Bobby Brown’s date for the season 4 premiere of Stranger Things.

The two are now engaged to be married.


So, how do the creators fix this aging and growing issue? The series has the kids now in high school, so that is at least more believable, but they are definitely growing faster than the seasons. One problem the Duffer Brothers have had since the show began is the time taken between seasons.

It was only one year between the first and second seasons but almost two years between seasons 2 and 3. It was even longer between season 3 and season 4 as almost three years passed before the season 4 premiere.

We can thank David Harbour for dropping massive hints as to when Season 5 will begin shooting, though an air date for the Season 5 premiere is, well, still up in the air.

Per Harbour, “We’re walking into season five. I’ve got a couple more months to train. We start shooting that in June, though, and that will be the final season. I did a lot of training for season four. He [Hopper] was in a very specific position, that Russian prison. It was about making him a different guy and sort of shedding a layer of himself physically, mentally, and emotionally. But now he’s back in town, he’s back in America where they have cheeseburgers, so he will be well-fed.”

As mentioned, there is no timeframe set as to when season 5 (which the Duffers have already confirmed will be the final season) will arrive, but they do have a plan in place to deal with the actors’ aging.

“I’m not sure we’re ready to say yet a start date for shooting,” Matt Duffer explained to TVLine at the time, (thank you David Harbour for the heads up). “But a lot of it is pretty well mapped out.” Brother Ross added, “I’m sure we will do a time jump. Ideally, we’d have shot [Seasons 4 and 5] back-to-back, but there was just no feasible way to do that.” Season 4 came to fans of the series in two parts, the first seven episodes dropped on May 27, 2022, and the final two episodes aired on July 1, 2022.


The plan right now is that Season 5 of Stranger Things will be its final, though there are rumblings that a number of Stranger Things spin-offs are in the works. As for Millie Bobby Brown, she says she is ready to move on from the series.

She told Seventeen: “I’m definitely ready to wrap up. I feel like there’s a lot of the story that’s been told now, and we know of it, it’s been in our lives for a very long time. But I’m very ready to say goodbye to this chapter of my life and open new ones up,” she explained. “I’m able to create stories myself that are important to me and focus on the bigger picture. But I’m really grateful [for Stranger Things].”

One more way Millie Bobby Brown has begun to spread her wings is that the young actress is also going to college. Amongst all her movies and series, Brown has also carved out time to hit the books. She is going to Purdue University to gain her degree in human services. She explained just how “great” college life has been for her and how much she simply enjoys learning about the things she has a passion for.

“With my job being so emotional, it’s really nice to just be able to detach from that and learn about something that’s really interesting for me,” Millie tells Seventeen. “I’m really aware of how privileged I am to have that access to education and to learn more about the things that I want to learn about, and then help others in retrieving that education in communities and areas that young people aren’t able to access curriculums. It’s just a circle that keeps giving.”

So, with movies, her series, and college, how does Millie Bobby Brown find time for anything else? Somehow, she has. Not only has been maintaining a healthy relationship with Jake Bongiovi, but she also has her animals that help her wind down after a long day.

“I think animal healing is something that I’ve always found a lot of interest in. Winding down really consists of just taking my makeup off, taking care of my skin, and hanging out with my animals, watching movies with the people that I love,” Millie explains. “I think it’s so hard — for me, specifically — to sit down and be still for a minute. So, it’s nice that in those moments of stillness, you have people around you, dogs, humans, whatever that may be.”

And if all of that isn’t enough, the Stranger Things star has forged a new relationship with Essentia Water with sights on helping young people take charge of their health and well-being.  

“This is just something that speaks to me,” Brown said of her new partnership with Essentia Water, “and I was really excited to be able to join and collaborate with Essentia on how to promote wellness, and for me personally, to show a younger audience how important taking care of yourself is and being true to who you are is.”


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So, while the Duffer Brothers are getting ready for the final season of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown continues to expand her acting portfolio. During her time on Stranger Things, and probably because there has been so much time off in between seasons, she has also been part of a few big movies. The first one was Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

She appeared in the blockbuster follow-up, Godzilla vs Kong, and sandwiched between those two films she starred as Sherlock Holmes’s little sister in the Netflix film, Enola Holmes opposite Henry Cavill’s Sherlock and Sam Claflin’s Mycroft.

Millie Bobby Brown’s most recent outing was the sequel Enola Holmes 2, which saw Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Louis Partridge reprising their roles from the first film. After this, Millie Bobby Brown has three more projects lined up that don’t include Stranger Things. These are Damsel, The Girls I’ve Been, and The Thing About Jellyfish.


Before Millie Bobby Brown reached the height of her powers and made her appearance as Eleven on Stranger Things, she had been seen on a few other television series. She got her start on the series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland where she played a young Alice in Wonderland. She was then seen in the series Intruders, which was sort of a new spin on Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Following Intruders, Millie found time on NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy. Then came Stranger Things, a role that the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross), said was by far the hardest role to cast. They needed someone very young to be able to emit emotion while not speaking as the role (at least in the first season) did require much dialogue. Right after meeting Millie, the brothers described her as “something special” and that she had “a downright spooky preternatural talent.”

Even at Millie Bobby Brown’s age, her talent was immediately recognized. She received massive critical praise and in the first season as Eleven, Millie was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. To cap things off for her during her first season on the show, she won the 43rd Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series.