Ava Louise – Who Is This Controversial Social Media Star?

Ava Louise is a social media personality who became famous for her controversial stances on beauty and fame on the Dr. Phil show.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Ava Louise is a social media influencer and OnlyFans model who has gained her following for the most part because of her controversial behavior. This behavior was put on full display when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show in what became one of the more talked about episodes he’d ever shot. So, let’s find out if Ava Louise’s schtick is real.


Social media might not be prepared for everything that is Ava Louise. She became a name in 2019 when she appeared on Dr. Phil explaining to him her desire to become rich and famous, or “insta-famous,” through social media. While on the show, Ava claims her goal was to become “a skinny legend,” and then she described to him and the audience just what a skinny legend was.

“A skinny legend is someone who is hot and skinny. Like when you’re skinny and pretty you get so much more in life.” But Louise wasn’t done. “Like I have been ugly and I have been hot and I choose hot every single time.” Louise then dropped the words that made her “famous” – “Like I would rather die hot than live ugly at this point.”

When Dr. Phil countered with, “So, old people are ugly,” Ava Louise answered by telling him, “Yeah, no offense.” Dr. Phil asked her why she wanted to be famous, and Louise answered, “They need my face out there.” Followers have gotten to see a LOT more of Ava Louise than just her face, which we will discuss in a bit.


Ava Louise on Vice

You have to give her credit, Ava Louise said she was going to be “insta-famous” on social media and she wasn’t kidding. She has taken her act to new levels, ones that many consider low. In 2020, Louise decided to up her social media standing by performing an ill-timed stunt called the “Coronavirus Challenge” on TikTok. In it, Louise filmed a video of herself licking the toilet seat on an airplane.

Eventually, Ava Louise admitted that the whole toilet seat licking was a social media stunt to get her followers to listen to her song, “Skinny Legend Anthem.” Also, as any social media influencer wants, she wanted more followers. She explained her motives to Insider.

“I did the whole toilet-licking stunt, one, because fuck boomers and I don’t take this virus seriously,” Louise said. “Two, as strategic marketing, so people would be like ‘Who the hell is Ava Louise?’ and connect me to that song.”

Then she said some horrific things. “I don’t like my grandparents and I don’t have a relationship with them, so I don’t give a shit what happens to them,” Louise said. “Very impressionable older people who don’t understand meme culture or trolling latched onto this.”

But that isn’t the only controversy that Ava Louise has found herself involved in. She started another one, a cheating scandal when she “hooked up” with Mike Majlak (Logan Paul’s good buddy) while Majlak was dating porn star, Lana Rhoades. Although Louise claims the “hook-up” was mutual, Majlak claims Louise would be waiting outside clubs just to get his attention and that she needs “serious help.” Yet, he still hooked up with her.

One more controversy Ava Louise found herself in was again, her doing. She decided to post a video on TikTok claiming that Kanye West was having a romantic relationship with “a very famous beauty guru,” but what made this information even more tantalizing was that this famous beauty guru was a male beauty guru, Jeffree Star. Although Louise never provided any concrete proof of such a romantic relationship, she did say, “My source is legit I [promise].”

The truth, though, eventually came out. In a leaked audio clip, Ava Louise admits to making up the whole affair. “I made the entire scandal up. There is literally not one bit of truth to anything I have said,” she claims. “I just tricked the entire world into talking about me again because I was on a lot of Adderall.”


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Of all Ava Louise’s social media accounts, her Onlyfans is the one many followers are talking about. If you don’t know what the website is all about, OnlyFans is a paid website where many celebrities and influencers go to post pictures and videos of themselves with little to no clothing on and in positions and situations that are most definitely NSFW (not suitable for work).

Ava Louise has given followers everything they have asked for and more. What a way to become “famous.”


Now, we aren’t claiming this as fact, as litigation continues, but according to Ava Louise, she was held hostage by rapper, model, and social media “sensation” Blac Chyna (former stripper, former Tyga partner, former Rob Kardashian partner).

Blac Chyna, who was born Angela Renée White, makes her living on OnlyFans and as a social medial influencer, she has over 16.5 million followers on Instagram. For Ava Louise, things started easily enough when she reached out to Blac Chyna through Instagram.

Louise told Chyna, “We should collab on OF [OnlyFans] Babe.” It was a suggestion that was quickly met with acceptance by Blac Chyna. So, in August 2022, Ava Louise arrived at Blac Chyna’s Los Angeles home at 4 a.m.

“In hindsight, going to Blac Chyna’s house at 4am was probably stupid but I’m me, I love a good adventure,” Ava Louise explained via Evie Magazine. “And c’mon, who’s gonna turn down going to Blac Chyna’s house and meeting Dream Kardashian [Rob and Chyna’s daughter].”

Ava Louise explained through a number of TikTok videos she posted, her entire ordeal. When she got inside the home, Louise was required to sign an NDA which she claims was far different from any of the other ones she has seen or had to sign in the past.

According to Louise, the NDA had her fill out information such as eye color, hair color, height, and what clothes she was wearing. After Ava Louise finished that, Blac Chyna approached her and told her, “All the stories you heard about me kidnapping people are true.”

If the NDA didn’t make Ava Louise feel uneasy, what Blac Chyna just told her certainly did. “I got a gut feeling I was in danger, but there’s nothing I could do because I was in a gated home.” To make matters even worse for the social media influencer was that her phone was at 3% and Blac Chyna would not let her charge her phone.

According to Ava Louise, things only got worse. “For six hours Chyna held me hostage. She drank an entire bottle of Casamigos in front of me. She like, wouldn’t let me be alone. Every time she had to use the bathroom, she would make me go into the bathroom with her,” Ava Louise says. “She took sh*ts (gross) in front of me, she forced me to take a wet towel and wipe off all of my makeup.”

Things became increasingly bizarre, according to Ava Louise. Blac China kept comparing their hand sizes, she kept trying on Louise’s shoes, she kept telling Louise she needed to stay in her home until 10 a.m. “She kept telling me that I had to stay until 10 am because that’s when Dream {one of Blac Chyna’s two children] was going to be out of the home, and she was going to go crazy on me at 10 am.”

Then, around 9:45 a.m., Blac Chyna started a FaceTime with a woman named Donna. Blac Chyna informed Donna that Ava Louise was a “good product” but Donna didn’t believe her and claimed that Ava Louise was transgender.

According to Louise, this Donna said she was going to check Louise herself after 10 a.m. to make sure she wasn’t trans. At this point, Ava Louise claims her phone was at 2%, but she decided to text friends to tell them what was happening. “I texted my friends and let them know, like, what was happening and I frantically texted the guy I was staying with in LA being like, ‘I need you to save me.'”

The man Louise was rooming with in LA called her immediately and told her to “run.” Although Blac Chyna tried to get her phone from her, Louise finally took off. “I ran out of the house, and I ran to the gate and I hopped over the gate – threw myself over that gate with everything left me.”

Ava Louise hid in the bushes until her friend showed up. Louise even posted a screenshot of her location at Blac Chyna’s house that she included on her third TikTok video detailing the incident with an aerial shot of Blac Chyna’s home. Fans who responded claim that the photos are very similar.

Obviously, Blac Chyna denies all accusations, and now this matter is left in the hands of the courts. Although Ava Louise’s story is chilling at best, this isn’t the first time that Blac Chyna has been accused of such behavior. In 2021, Blac Chyna was accused of holding a woman hostage in a room at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento, California.


Ava Louise returned to the Dr. Phil show to explain her first appearance. “Last time I went on the Dr. Phil show, I went on with the sole purpose to become a viral meme. None of what I said was nice to say. I was trying to shock people. Every single move I made on that show was calculated and well thought out.”

Ava Louise also admitted that she was not ready to listen to one thing Dr. Phil had to say to her. Then Louise began to get deep. “If I lost all my followers tomorrow, I wouldn’t care. Fame is temporary and soul-sucking. I’m meant for so much more in life than just posting pictures of my butt on the internet for everyone to see.”

What Ava Louise has realized, although one could never decide if it was another act or not, is that because of Dr. Phil, she has “gained a bigger platform” and she now wants to “use it for good and have people see the real me.” Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.