Kanye West’s Bid To Own A Major Social Media Company Has Been Decided

By Mark McKee | Published

kanye west

Whether you agree or disagree, love or hate, support or condone people like Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, and Kanye West, we can all agree that there is shaky ground under their feet with social media. When divisive personalities are banned from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the next step is for them to go off and start their own platforms like Truth Social for Trump so their loyal followers can still get their content. For Kanye West, his bid to acquire a new social media platform, Parler, is now dead in the water, according to AV Club

The right-leaning social media platform opened its arms wide for the artist formerly known as Kanye West back in October when he was suspended from Twitter for anti-Semitic remarks. Of course, Ye is not one to keep his mouth shut, and in an interview with Alex Jones, the former rapper and former billionaire made the controversial statement that the Nazis did good things too, and there were a lot of things he loves about Hitler.

The remarks were enough for Parler, a place where more conservative ideals have found a home, to kill the deal and join the ranks of everyone ready to keep Kanye West from spouting off more comments. 

There is an ongoing debate between right and left, liberal and conservative, and Republican and Democrat surrounding the banning of people from social media. While one side sees the suspension of certain personalities they deem harmful to others as progress and protecting oppressed groups, the other side sees the silencing of contesting ideas as a dangerous path to censorship.

There is undoubtedly overlap in these ideas and some that go too far to both ends, one thing both sides can clearly agree with is that they draw the line at praising Adolf Hitler. 

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, starting back in 2005 when he called 400 years of slavery a choice and continuing with his support of Donald Trump in a rant on Saturday Night Live. He then continued to draw controversy with his alignment with conservatives and backing of Donald Trump for the last five-plus years and continued to do so by putting on a fashion show with right-wing personality Candace Owens, displaying a shirt saying, White Lives Matter. 

Of course, there are always other sides of these situations that allow fans and supporters to continue backing their favorite personalities, but it is difficult to find that other side in Kanye West’s controversy. While we have become a society that prefers to judge people based on their worst moments while forgetting their most significant moments, Ye’s considerable contributions to the hip-hop genre don’t seem to be enough to overcome claiming to go def con three on Jews. 

While Donald Trump moves on to create Truth Social and Andrew Tate moves on to GETTR, they both still have a plethora of followers on leading platforms pushing their content. Kanye West seems to be losing both of those processes as his former supporters are distancing themselves, and Parler seems to agree by killing their deal.