Logan Paul Is Getting Roasted After Going On Jordan Peele Rant

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul let loose with his opinion of Jordan Peele's new movie and got promptly roasted.

By Matthew Creith | Published

logan paul

YouTube has brought the world a lot of entertainment, laughs, and insight into the daily lives of many of its now famous personalities. It has also brought attention to certain people who have longed for the spotlight and have found ways to promote their own brands in the process. Logan Paul is one of those personalities, as he climbed the ladder of fame on YouTube to become a controversial figure in professional wrestling. Paul has also used social media as a platform for his beliefs and critiques of the environment around him, most recently poking holes in Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope.

On Logan Paul’s official Twitter account, the YouTube star posted a rant about Jordan Peele’s Nope after watching the #1 movie in America. He praised Keke Palmer’s acting abilities while at the same time dragging the film for its supposed confusing themes and slow pace, but did not stop there. Paul seemingly has become Nope’s harshest critic on social media. Stressing the fact that he is a fan of Jordan Peele’s, Paul goes on through eleven separate comments on his own thread to highlight all of the issues he had with the film. These tend to include the casting choice of Daniel Kaluuya in the lead role and the emphasis on using the horses’ names as title cards throughout the movie.

According to a report by The Independent, Logan Paul apparently doesn’t see the irony of his long-winded comments on Nope, given that the film primarily deals with a theme of monetizing spectacles, which Paul is infamous for doing in his professional and personal life. Responses rolled in from some of Paul’s 6.4 million followers and those wishing to criticize his take on the film, which included many comments that reflected how the movie’s premise concerns people similar to Paul.

A bulk of the comments in response to Logan Paul’s critique of Nope came in the form of trolling the social media personality for past behavior that Jordan Peele similarly highlights as profiting from spectacles in his film. Many of those chose to post about Paul’s highly controversial decision in 2017 to film a suicide victim and post it to his YouTube channel in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, as reported at the time by NBC News. Paul doesn’t seem to note the paradox in his logic of criticizing Nope, as his post has not been removed from Twitter as of today.

With some Twitter users apparently agreeing with Logan Paul’s notes about Jordan Peele’s Nope, it seems that critics and audiences generally have taken a liking to Peele’s most recent film. Rotten Tomatoes ranks the movie with 81% on its Tomatometer, marking it as Certified Fresh on the site. The Audience Score is a little lower at 70%, which signifies that audiences and critics generally favor the third movie in Peele’s overall directorial filmography. Similarly, Metacritic shows Nope with a Metascore of 77 and a User Score of 6.2, which indicates generally favorable reviews from critics and users alike.