Paul Giamatti Joins Hostel TV Series, We Aren’t Making This Up

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

It might sound like a strange follow-up to the conclusion of his series Billions, but Paul Giamatti is set to star in the Hostel TV series. Giamatti is predominantly known for his work in drama and biographical roles that showcase his ability to portray complex, nuanced characters in serious, dramatic contexts, such as his performances in John Adams, Billions, and The Holdovers. Hostel, on the other hand, is a horror franchise known for its intense, graphic content, which is a significant departure from Giamatti’s typical projects, but we’re so here for it anyway.

Paul Giamatti In Hostel Comeback

Paul Giamatti will join the Hostel comeback, a TV series described as a “modern adaptation” and “elevated thriller” based on the original franchise. The new show will see the return of franchise veterans Eli Roth, Chris Briggs, and Mike Fleiss.

Though Paul Giamatti has signed on for a “key role” and the series is currently in development, the Hostel TV series does not yet have a confirmed platform. Fifth Season, the studio behind notable series such as Apple TV+’s Severance, Lady in the Lake and Chief of War, is spearheading the project. Roth and Briggs will handle the script, with Roth also directing and all three—Roth, Briggs, and Fleiss—will serve as executive producers.

A Newcomer To The Iconic Franchise

Paul Giamatti did not appear in the original Hostel film, which premiered in 2006 and follows three backpackers in search of hedonistic adventure in a Slovak city, only to encounter a terrifying nightmare. The film’s success led to two sequels, with the first movie grossing $82 million worldwide and its sequel adding another $36 million.

No details have been disclosed about who Paul Giamatti, fresh from his award-winning performance in the Oscar-nominated movie The Holdovers, will play in the series, though the role has been indicated as an important one. 

Long-Awaited Giamatti And Roth Collaboration

This collaboration marks a long-anticipated reunion for Giamatti and Roth. The two initially crossed paths during the filming of their respective projects, Hostel and The Illusionist, in Prague. Paul Giamatti revealed in a 2013 interview with EW that there were talks of him making a cameo in the first Hostel film, though it ultimately didn’t happen.

While preparing to work with Paul Giamatti in Hostel, Roth, known for his directorial debut with Cabin Fever in 2002 and other horror features like Knock Knock, was also busy with other projects. Recently, he wrote, directed, and produced the slasher film Thanksgiving, which earned $31.9 million domestically and has a sequel in the works.

His upcoming film Borderlands is slated for a summer release.

A Departure For Giamatti

Paul Giamatti isn’t known for acting in horror films like Hostel. Instead, Giamatti’s extensive television and movie career focused mostly on dramas, biopics, and the occasional detour into comedy. His filmography includes a seven-season stint on Showtime’s Billions, as well as roles in HBO’s Too Big to Fail and his Emmy-winning performance in John Adams.

A Fresh Take On Hostel’s Legacy

With this new adaptation, fans of both Paul Giamatti and the original Hostel franchise can look forward to a fresh and thrilling experience that builds on the horrifying legacy of the original films.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter